Effective Solutions for Evaporative Cooling Needs with FesKlima


Providing effective solutions to the evaporative cooling needs of industrial companies with its 55 years of experience and the importance it attaches to R&D, Form Endustri Plants offers natural coolness to the facilities of standard Profil, one of the leading companies in the automotive sector, in Manisa with its domestic production FesKlima.

Turkey's automotive industry in the production of sealing profiles of the leading companies within the Standard Profile's production plant in Manisa, 40.000 m3 / h capacity, and 4kW Inverter Controlled Cooling Unit 43 feskli to Evaporatf was integrated. Installed in the production facility, Fes Air Conditioners prevent the spread of viruses and microbes while not giving the used air back to the environment and increasing the clean air quality of the place. In addition, by bringing the spaces with filtered 100% fresh air, the same zamincreasing employee productivity at the moment.

Thanks to the system that can provide wireless access to up to 16 devices via a tablet or phone with a single remote, each device can be controlled individually or on a group basis. In addition, the units can be controlled via Bluetooth Android, thanks to the Google Play FESKLİMA application.

Thanks to the coolness they provide without compressors and cooling gas, Fes Air Conditioning units also increase the work efficiency in high-volume spaces such as industrial facilities, textile workshops, plastic injection factories, foundries, industrial kitchens, dining halls, shipyards, tents, wedding halls and warehouses. Providing maximum cooling with low investment cost and minimum energy, FesKlima combines spaces with natural coolness by using air and water. - Hibya

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