Çiğli Tram Line Construction Work Prequalification Tender Result

Çiğli Tram Line Construction Work Prequalification Tender Result: Tender, Approximately 12 km long 15-station tram line and stops, transformer buildings (underground / above), viaduct, mechanical, electrical works and electromechanical works, Konak tram in operation. This includes the extension of the platform lengths of the stops. The duration of the work is 730 (seven hundred thirty) calendar days from the place delivery.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Department 2020 companies applied for prequalification for the tender number 342727/17. These companies are listed as follows:

  1. Alsim Alarko
  2. Kolin Construction - Ederay Construction
  3. Unitek İnşaat - YDA Construction
  4. ÖZKA Construction - Dillingham Contruction
  5. Ermit - En-Ez Construction
  6. Birth
  7. Building Center
  8. Makyol
  9. Şenbay Mining - Özgün Yapı
  10. Nurol Construction
  11. Cengiz Construction
  12. Özkar Construction
  13. Dido-ray - Araz Energy
  14. Gülermak
  15. IC İçtac
  16. Kiev Metrobud - Barankaya Construction
  17. Pers Building - Astro Superstructure

Information About Çiğli Tram

The first stage of Çiğli Tramway starts from Karşıyaka Ring Road Station and extends to Ataşehir, Çiğli Station areas, Çiğli İZBAN stop and Çiğli Regional Training Hospital with the connection bridge. This stage is 3 meters long and consists of four stops.

The second stage starts from Ataşehir Mahallesi and passes through Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, Katip Çelebi University and Ata Sanayi and ends at Çiğli Regional Training Hospital. This stage with a total length of 7 meters consists of 500 stops.

First stage of cigli tram
First stage of cigli tram

There will be a total of 14 stations on the Çiğli Tram Line

The line will consist of 14 stations. The line width will be 7,2 meters. Most of the route was planned as a double line, passing through the middle medians of the existing streets and roads. The first phase of the project will start from Karşıyaka Ring Road Station and cover the Ataşehir and Çiğli İstasyonaltı neighborhoods, Çiğli İZBAN Station and Çiğli Regional Training Hospital with the connection bridge. There will be four stations in this 3 thousand 500 meters long stage.

The second stage will start from Ataşehir Mahallesi and follow the Ata Sanayi Route, Katip Çelebi University, Ata Sanayi route and end at Çiğli Regional Training Hospital. There will be 7 stations in this stage, which is 500 meters long.

Çiğli Tram Route


Çiğli Tram Line to be Completed in 2,5 Years

Connection with Karşıyaka and İZBAN Çiğli Tram Line construction will be completed in approximately 2,5 years. The line will be a continuation of Karşıyaka Tram. In order to integrate the line with İZBAN, a connection bridge of approximately 300 meters will be built over the ring road. In addition to the tram line, there will also be pedestrian and bicycle paths on the bridge.

There will be tram stations in front of Çiğli Regional Training Hospital and İzmir Katip Çelebi University. The line will also pass through Çiğli Ata Sanayi and Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone (AOSB). Citizens who take the tram from Alaybey will be able to travel to Çiğli without interruption. Thus, vehicle traffic will be reduced.

Izmir Tram Map

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