National Combat Aircraft Will Be Developed In Blocks

President of the Turkish Presidency Defense Industry. Dr. İsmail DEMİR made critical statements during the online panel organized by SETA Foundation.

Answering the question about the National Combat Aircraft Program and Turkish Air Force fighter aircraft requirement, DEMİR said, “In particular, I can say that an intermediate solution to be considered as a ready purchase is not on our agenda at the moment. All our efforts are concentrated on the 5th generation National Combat Aircraft.

We have determined a method such as the commissioning of this aircraft with the understanding of block. That is, instead of providing all the desired performance parameters in an instant in defining operational operational needs of the aircraft; We will determine an approach where certain parameters are provided, put on top of each other and the final performance target is achieved. In this sense, we are thinking of filling the gap between our first prototypes, maybe below the 5th generation - 4.5 / 4 ++ generation - and then going forward.

Meanwhile, various modernization processes of the F-16s are ongoing. Studies on gaining talent continue. ” found comments.

Source: SavunmaSanayiST

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