What to Consider While On Vacation This Summer!

Istanbul Okan University Hospital Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist. Dr. Nail Özgüneş explained what we should pay attention to this summer holiday period.

Process in the coronavirus outbreak; As we all know, it is advancing in our country in favor of our citizens. During the pandemic; case increase rate and mortality rates are accepted criteria all over the world. As a result of the measures taken; reduction of incidence and mortality is an expected situation. The important thing now is that these values ​​approach zero or be zero. To do this, it is necessary to apply the measures in every respect by making some sacrifices. The vast majority of our people have adapted to these measures reported by our Ministry of Health and gained experience. These protection methods are now becoming a habit. Of course, in every society, there will be people who act contradictory. This means our people who seriously comply with the measures and prohibitions, use masks, do not enter crowded environments, pay attention to hand hygiene, and do not go out on the streets unless necessary; It should not affect morale negatively. It should not be forgotten that; high compliance often brings full success. The greatest reward for our people in return is to achieve a near-normal life process.

So how will this summer process pass?

As we approach the summer season; The question of whether we will be able to take a vacation or how and in what way comes to mind. Most of the holidays zammoment also means getting out of where we are. Accordingly, first of all, it is important that we provide transportation. Regardless of the means of transportation; Our experience, whether in the form of an airplane car or with a private car, must be compatible with the main measures. Whichever way we go where we aim, we will stay away from the people next to us to a certain extent. When it comes to a trip with our family; There may be a little more tolerance in this regard, but we should try to stay as short as possible and at a certain distance from the communities we have to be close to outside our family. During our travel related transactions; We should touch as little objects or objects as possible, we should finish our operations as soon as possible, move away from that area and wash our hands thoroughly by going to the nearest sink after these processes are over. When traveling with our private vehicle, we should stay away from the people in the accommodation as much as possible. We should get as close as we need, shop as much as we need and not make much contact.

Pools and seas do not pose any risk in the coronavirus!

If we are going to a holiday area to benefit from the sea; Wherever the environment we are in, we have to stay away from people, including beaches, at a certain distance (up to two meters as we know). The extraordinarily large seawater cannot be a reservoir for viruses. In this respect, from sea water, even pool waters; coronavirus cannot reach humans. Essentially such viruses; They are sensitive to excessive moisture and wetness and it is not an advantage for them, but rather an advantage for us. In this respect, there is no obstacle for you to benefit from the seas. During the time we spend our holiday; If we avoid behaviors that will spoil our health, follow the social distance rule, eat well and take care of ourselves, we will zamIt is a fact that we will be in a more advantageous position.

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