Volkswagen Starts Production Back

Volkswagen Starts Production Back

The Corona Virus epidemic forced many producers to suspend production around the world without listening. Automobile manufacturers took the hardest blow from this break. Volkswagen has confirmed that it has suffered $ 2,2 billion in losses each week for production interruptions. This is a huge cost, considering that Volkswagen has discontinued production as of March 18, right after introducing the new Golf GTI.

In order to reduce these large financial losses, Volkswagen restarted production to a limited extent as of today, even though its production capacity is very low. Volkswagen concentrated on the production of Golf, its best-selling model. VW has also confirmed that it has begun work on single shifts with about 8.000 employees.

After the Golf model, Volkswagen will start production of the Seat Tarraco, as well as the Tiguan and Touran models, on Wednesday. If everything continues in accordance with the plan, production will be continued by switching to the multi-shift system the following week. Approximately 2.600 supplier companies, many of them in Germany, also started production to meet Volkswagen's needs.

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