Local Production Requirement in Rail System Vehicles

The fact that the rail system vehicles provide a safe and comfortable travel opportunity, being economical and environmentally friendly in freight transportation, is widely preferred both in urban and intercity transportation. For this reason, investments on rail system vehicles are increasing every year on a global scale.

This perspective rail vehicle containing a high amount of investment by the Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey with the Turkish State Railways and its subsidiaries is planned until 2035. In this context, for example, TCDD plans to purchase 190 high-speed train sets. The purchase amount of these sets is estimated to be around 5 billion Euros. Similarly, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has a large plan to purchase metro vehicles and the cost of these vehicles is estimated to be approximately 3,5 billion Euros. In addition, in line with the goal of increasing the share of railways in freight transport, it is envisaged to purchase electric and diesel electric main line locomotives of approximately 5 billion Euros. Our country's need for a rail system vehicle until 2035,

  • High Speed ​​Train 190 pcs
  • Electric Locomotive 1.400 pieces
  • Diesel Electric Locomotive 100 pcs
  • Maneuver Locomotive 155
  • Electric Train Set 116 pcs
  • Diesel Train Set 75 pcs
  • Freight Wagon 33.000
  • Metro Vehicle 3.300
  • 650 pieces of tram

It is planned as. In this case, it is estimated that the investment amount of rail system vehicles planned to be purchased by 2035 will be 19 billion Euros. Taking into account the 30-year maintenance and spare parts of a purchase of this size, it is considered that the total cost will be 38 billion Euros. Investments to rail system vehicles in the medium and long term are large enough to contribute to the development of the domestic and national rail system vehicle industry in our country and to create leverage in terms of other sectors. In this context, the establishment of a sustainable domestic rail system vehicles sector, which is sustainable, life cycle costs have been reduced and has become a priority to be addressed.

For Local Production Working Group Report on Rail System Vehicles CLICK HERE

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