Lexus will no longer manufacture the GS model

Lexus GS Model Will No longer Produce

After nearly 30 years, Lexus decided to remove the GS model from production. This week, Lexus announced the new GS Black Line model, which will be produced exclusively for the American market. The 200 Lexus GS Black Line model, of which only 2020 will be produced, will be a special car with glossy black exterior elements, red details in the cabin and a special luggage set. But despite this new vehicle, Lexus is considering ending the production of the GS model after the launch of the GS Black Line this summer.

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The Lexus GS model was first introduced in North America in 1993 and it zamSince then, the Japanese manufacturer has successfully fulfilled its role as Lexus' basic luxury sedan car. The first GS model with that gorgeous front grille design was introduced in 2012.

Unfortunately the end zamThe current SUV trend has deeply affected the entire luxury sedan market, and the demand for the Lexus GS model has drastically reduced. For example, Last year Lexus sold only 3.378 GSs in the United States, while annual global sales of the luxury sedan fell 48,8 percent compared to the previous year.

Sales Figures of the Lexus GS Model in the USA:

2005 33,457
2006 31,115
2007 25,448
2008 17,190
2009 7,430
2010 7,059
2011 3,746
2012 24,555
2013 19,742
2014 22,198
2015 23,117
2016 14,878
2017 7,773
2018 6,604
2019 3,378
2020 624






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