Karma's 1100-horsepower Electric Car Is Not a Dream

Karma Automotive SC2

Karma Automotive introduced the SC2019, an all-electric supercar concept with a dazzling style at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2. Karma also claimed that the performance values ​​of this dazzling supercar were very high. The hybrid electric concept car said it would produce 1100 horsepower and 10.500 lb-ft (14.236 Nm) of torque. But Karma Automotive has announced that it has completed the initial development phase of the High Performance E-Flex platform. This means that we have a high chance of seeing this high performance concept car on the road in the future and this may be earlier than we expected.

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As a reminder, Karma claimed that this concept vehicle could accelerate from 0,9 to 0 km / h in less than 100 seconds, and it would be 400 miles driving distance thanks to a new battery technology.

"Our latest E-Flex platform is well suited for supercar configurations and is designed to fit high-performance vehicles such as Karma's SC2 concept car," said Kevin Zhang, Chief Automotive Technology Officer. Said. “The purpose of all Karma's E-Flex platforms is to provide our partners with a wide range of electrical mobility solutions with different drive motor systems and battery pack variants; Our High Performance E-Flex platform is one of the highest levels of these configurations. Unprecedented performance results. "said.

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