Historical Significance of Yenice Train Station Near Adana

During the Second World War, in 1943, President İsmet İnönü met with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in a wagon at the Yenice train station near Adana. Today is the 74th anniversary of this two-day contact, referred to as the Adana Meetings. Install a possible German attack on Churchill's attitude to the rest of Turkey out of the war had been discussed at this meeting face to face meetings.

Adana Conference (Adana Interview, interview or Yenice Yenice Interview), during January 30-31, 1943, with the President of Turkey Ismet Inonu is bilateral meeting with UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill perform.

The meeting was held today in Yenice, in the Tarsus district of Mersin, in a train carriage at Yenice Train Station. For this reason, the Yenice Interview was also named with the Yenice Interview. During the meetings of Turkish and British diplomats and officials, the Turkish side offered to meet in Ankara and the British side to meet in Cyprus. Finally, they agreed to conduct the interview at this station on the Mersin-Adana route. Hilmi Uran described this site in his memoirs as follows: “Later this meeting was called Adana Interview. But in fact, the observation of the two statesmen was not in Adana, but in the Yenice station and in the wagon. Yenice is a small village of Nusayri connected to Tarsus and twenty-three kilometers from Adana. Trains coming from Konya direction are divided into two here, to go to Adana and Mersin. The station is a cute place shaded by high eucalyptus trees.

The President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, who held the Casablanca Conference in Casablanca in January 1943, and the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, designed to open a front of the Baklan against Nazi Germany. Churchill, who came to Adana right after the Casablanca Conference, talked to İsmet İnönü about this draft. Turkey is the purpose of the British side in the talks, together with the Allies against the Axis Powers was to persuade him to enter the Second World War. The Turkish side responded to these demands by expressing their concerns about the Soviet Union and its growing influence and strength in post-war Europe. In addition, if the Turkish Army is wanted to enter the war against the Axis Powers, it has been suggested that the lack of materials and equipment should be eliminated and reinforced. Churchill's response to this was the promises of American and British aid for supplying concerns and equipment to reduce concerns about the Soviets.

Put forward by the Turkish side insisted on going to war to overcome the reasons and concerns Turkey's entry into the war has emerged as a result of a shift. In addition, Turkey from west to help troubleshoot the concerns put forward on behalf of military equipment in these negotiations has received the promise. On the other hand the Soviet Union in 1943 brought to Moscow vigorously the agenda of the Conference, Turkey has to take a clear stand in favor of the allied forces and has led to refrain from criticism of the war.

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