Electric Vehicle Period Begins on the Islands

new means of transportation for the islands determined
new means of transportation for the islands determined

İBB completed the work to meet the transportation demands in Adalar, which was initiated by banning phaetons due to horse-borne disease. 2 types of electric vehicles were purchased and purchased for visitors living in the district. New vehicles will be put into service before the summer season opens.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) had started work to meet the transportation demands in the Islands after the phaetons were banned by the Governorship of Istanbul due to Ruam disease. For this purpose, it was decided to use electric vehicles that are suitable for the natural and cultural structure of the Islands, that are sensitive to the environment, quiet, and that will not create traffic density in the district.

Making a statement on the subject, İBB Deputy Secretary General for Transportation İbrahim Orhan Demir stated that the citizens living in the Islands and those visiting the district for touristic purposes have different travel demands, therefore, electric vehicles to be used are also preferred in different sizes and capacities.

Noting that they care to be suitable for the use of disabled people while choosing the vehicle, Demir noted that two types of vehicles were selected in Adalar, considering the different travel demands. Stating that 2-passenger capacity vehicles planned to be operated by IETT are purchased to meet the daily transportation needs of the inhabitants of the Islands, Demir continued as follows:

“In addition, taking into account the physical conditions of the island and its high slope roads, we also order small vehicles to serve for our purposeful, demand-based and serve door-to-door service to our elderly, children, disabled citizens who have difficulties in access between their dwellings and piers or shopping / recreation areas. It was. These vehicles will be used to provide access to both tours and different recreation areas for visitors, groups or families, as well as travel requests for people living or working on the Islands. All of these electric and environmentally friendly vehicles are planned to come into service before the summer season. ”


IMM Assembly signed an important decision in January and zamHe brought a solution to the problem of phaetons and horses, which has been on the agenda for a while. Each of the horses used in public transportation in the district is bought by the IMM for 4 thousand lira, and the registered 277 phaeton plate for 300 thousand lira.

IMM organized a "Adalar Transportation Workshop" with the instructions of President Ekrem İmamoğlu in August 2019 for the solution of the transportation problem of Adalar, brought together all stakeholders and listened to every opinion.

In January, IMM units, which carried out a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection study in all Islands, especially in Büyükada, Heybeliada and Burgazada, collected 25 thousand tons of garbage. In all horse stables, disinfection work was carried out against cleaning and diseases.

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