Local Rock Truck 'DEVE' Tested

native rock truck camel was tested
native rock truck camel was tested

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank made examinations in the industrial facilities of Afyonkarahisar İscehisar Marble Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (OSB). Varank Ministers, within the scope of Demar visit to Demireller Machinery Industry and Trade Inc. produced the "Camel" is viewed Turkey's first domestic production of dump trucks and made test drive.

Stating that the rock truck produced by Demmak can carry 30 tons of cargo, Varank said:

"Smoking and produced a vehicle that is an important market in Turkey. Vehicles that our country also fully imports. This company will go into mass production with this first vehicle. As the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we exchange views with them. How can touch our benefits, how can we promote these tools in Turkey, we spoke with them. I also had the opportunity to use the vehicle. It's a really powerful tool. Our industrialists designed and produced this from scratch. As you can see, pride falls on us. I thank them very much. "


Varank Ministers, Turkey's a country that has the ability to actually produce everything and also stressed that the biggest value of 82 million manpower.

Turkey's young population that is very talented pointing Varank, "last Friday, we introduced the car in Turkey. We have seen how enthusiasm and ownership we have in our people and citizens. He even saw all the public. So, if Turkey believes in the ability to produce everything. One of the best examples of this is standing behind us. ” said.


Each of the manufacturers zamStating that they are with him at the moment, Minister Varank said, “We are trying to help them with various incentive mechanisms and supports. We are trying to pave the way for them with legislation. " he spoke.

Minister Varank was accompanied by Mustafa Tutulmaz, AK Party Afyonkarahisar Deputy Ali Özkaya, Mayor Mehmet Zeybek, AK Party Provincial Chairman Hüseyin Sezen during his visits.


Turkey's first domestic production Haulers "Camel", was produced by the Chairman of the Board Şuayp Demirel and his team. Design and software of the truck, where all parts except the engine and transmission are domestic, were made by Turkish engineers.

The features of “CAMEL olan, which is in the testing phase, are as follows:

• Gross Torque: 1300Nm @ 1200-1600rpm (6 * 6 shots)
• Transmission: Automatic, 6 forward + 1 reverse
• Machine Curb Weight: 21.500 kg
• Machine Carrying Capacity: 27.500 kg
• Machine Loaded Weight: 49.000 kg
• Dump Volume: 15 m3
• Wheel Size: 23,5 R25

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