The Regulation Date In The Second Hand Vehicle Has Been Extended Again

The date of administration of the second-hand vehicle has been extended again
The date of administration of the second-hand vehicle has been extended again

The second hand market, which has risen with the decline in the sales of zero cars in the automotive sector, also contributes to the expansion of the expertise sector. It is undoubtedly the institutional expertise companies that enable the citizens who will buy second hand vehicles to buy and sell securely. However, the postponement of the regulation that introduced various regulations such as authorization certificate and mandatory guarantee for the sale of used cars and expected to be implemented on 31 December 2019 creates a negative atmosphere in the sector.

Confidence Environment Between Buyers Is Damaged

Answering those who are curious about the details about the regulation, TÜV SÜD D-Expert Assistant General Manager Ozan Ayözger said that the regulation on the trade of second-hand motor vehicles was delayed for the first time in the sector, which was established as a legitimate ground with the expertise regulation made in April 2019. poses. I regret to say that the number of appraisal centers that have obtained a certificate of authorization from TSE has not reached the desired level, that the transition process cannot be completed. The fact that sales transactions are still being carried out at the notary publics without an expertise report, paves the way for the establishment of an environment of trust among buyers. Completing this transition process as soon as possible will contribute to the institutionalization process in our industry. ''

Market Share in Second Hand Vehicle Reached 92 Percent

Turkey's automotive sector, which is among the leading sectors, the share of second-hand vehicle sales particularly attracted increased attention in 2018. In 2018, 6.9 million used vehicles and 620 thousand zero vehicles were sold. The sale of second-hand vehicles with the figures of the last year has a 92 percent share in the automotive market. In this context, the new period, which will start with a certificate of authorization, is expected to initiate a major transformation process in the sector.

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