The First Delivery Robot That Acts Like a Human Digit Ready for Ford

The first delivery robot that acts like a human is ready for the task for digit ford
The first delivery robot that acts like a human is ready for the task for digit ford

Digit, the first human-like robot developed by Agility Robotics, which conducts R & D activities for autonomous vehicles with Ford, was launched for commercial sale. With the first two robots coming out of the production line, Ford continues its research into autonomous vehicle use, warehouse management and more efficient and cost-effective solutions for commercial vehicle users.

As a result of R & D studies carried out by Ford and Agility Robotics, the intelligent robot Digit, which looks like a human and walks like a human, was first unveiled in May 2019. Breakthrough in the world of autonomous delivery robots Digit is now available for sale.

In this process, Ford's research on the implementation of autonomous vehicles and technological applications at different stages of delivery continues unabated. Research focuses on how autonomous tools and intelligent robots communicate with each other and the environment, thanks to advanced networking technologies. By sharing the constantly updated cloud-based maps of Ford commercial vehicles with Digit, the need for the robot to generate similar information over and over again is eliminated.

The final delivery phase is entrusted to Digit

The research team also believes that if Digit becomes part of the delivery process, this communication channel will also be useful for obtaining delivery-specific information. This means that the robot Digit, who will have the knowledge of where the customer wants the package to be left, can also ask for help in an unexpected situation.

Washington Today, as online retail is growing, we believe robots will help our commercial customers improve their business by offering them the opportunity to deliver deliveries more effectively and cost-effectively. Thanks to our collaboration with Agility, we learned a lot; now we will accelerate our research on this issue further ”.

Passes where people pass, easily folds into the trunk

Designed to avoid wasting energy by walking upright, Digit does not have trouble passing through places where people pass every day. Digit is the same zamIt has a unique design that it can fold itself to allow it to be easily carried behind the vehicle until it is desired to act immediately. When the vehicle reaches the point it needs to go, Digit can take the package from the vehicle and realize the last stage of the delivery process. If it encounters an unexpected obstacle, it can take a photo and send it to the vehicle and ask for help. By sending this information to the cloud, the vehicle can receive support from different systems to keep Digit on its way. Its low weight also enables Digit to have a long operating time. This feature is of great importance in the all-day delivery business.

Improvements since Digit's first prototype was introduced in May include:

More strengthened feet that allow Digit to stabilize on one leg or move carefully between obstacles,

New sensors that enable it to better perceive and map the world it is in,

Customer-ready and powerful internal computer hardware.

Digit's two pre-production samples are on display at the Ford booth at the Consumer Electronics Show CES 7 in Las Vegas from January 10-2020.

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