Offroad Challenge Moves to Sinop

Offroad Challenge Sinopa Moves
Offroad Challenge Sinopa Moves

Turkey Offroad Championship 2019 5. Sinop Offroad Race, which is the leg of the event, is organized by the Sinop Offroad Club with the contributions of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Sinop Governorate and Sinop Municipality on November 09-10.

The organization, where the teams will compete in 77,40 special stages with a total length of 7 km on the track determined in the Akliman - Hamsilos region, draws attention with the fact that it will be held on a track that is easy to follow and watch, with high cruising pleasure. Participating teams, starting from Saturday, November 09 at 12:15 pm Yalçın Özdaban and located in Akliman at 13.80 km. They will complete the first day of the race by passing the long endurance stage 3 times.

On Sunday morning, November 10, at 09:05 at Sinop Pier Square, after the commemoration ceremony for the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk with the participation of athletes and officials, the 9-kilometer-long audience stage called Atam İzindeyiz will be passed 4 times. After this stage, which will be run on the track determined in Bostancılı Kışla Cape, the organization will end with the award ceremony to be held at the Athlete Camp Training Center at 18:30.

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