Turkey's first domestic automobile Revolution 58 years old

turkiyenin first indigenous car at the age of revolution
turkiyenin first indigenous car at the age of revolution

20 years have passed since the Devrim, which has hosted 250 thousand visitors in its private museum, which has been exhibited in TÜLOMSAŞ facilities in Eskişehir for 58 months, by Turkish engineers and workers.

Visitors at the museum "Turkey's first indigenous car," the source engine used in the construction of the, drills and lathes, taken by the camera of manufacturing steps, calipers, compasses, rulers, drawing table, the model moved from vehicle lime, spare parts, railroad Sivas spilled original engine block and visuals of work

The story of "Revolution"

4 "Revolution" cars produced at the Eskişehir Railway Factories with the instruction of President Cemal Gürsel were taken to Ankara by train in 1961. As a result of the railway laws, a little fuel was put in the tank, and the revolution continued to run out of gas while Gürsel used it for testing purposes. After that, the Revolution, which was brought from Ankara to Eskişehir by train, was used in the factory for a while.

Revolution numbered 0002 chassis and 0002 engine exhibited in TÜLOMSAŞ was produced completely in 4,5 months, excluding its tires, windscreen and rear window. Devrim, whose high and dipped beam headlights are foot operated and can be operated manually, draws attention with these features. The revolution, which has a weight of 250 thousand kilograms and has a maximum speed of 140 kilometers per hour, does not put gasoline for security reasons, car battery is kept dismantled.

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