Public Transport in Izmir Zam, Discount Comes to Student Ticket

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which changed its public transportation fee tariff at the latest 16 July 2018, plans to implement the new tariff to be valid from 1 November.

There is an increase between 13 and 18 in full and discounted tickets, and a discount of up to 9 in student tickets.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has decided to reorganize public transportation fees according to increasing fuel costs and inflation. Full fare in transportation, teacher and 60-65 age passengers' fees increased, while student boarding fees were reduced. The full fare is 3 TL with the new tariff 3,56 TL; 2.50 TL teacher boarding 3 TL; 1,80-60 age discounted boarding fee which is 64 TL was arranged as 3 TL. 8,9 percent discount was made to students and 1,80 TL student boarding fee was reduced to 1,64 TL.

Wage growth remained below inflation

Stating that the regulation of transportation fees has become compulsory due to the increase in inflation and input costs, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality drew attention to the increase in cost items since the last regulation 16 July 2018. In the last 15 monthly period, PPI increased by 18,82 percent and CPI by 21,10 percent.

New tariff details

1 November The new tariff will be valid as of 2019 and the full ticket will be 3,26 TL, student ticket 1,44 TL, teacher boarding and 60-64 age ticket 2,62 TL in the Öde Pay As You Go ”application. Two-ticket ticket application will be launched for 9 TL. The ticket price of three boarding tickets is 13 TL, the ticket price of five boarding tickets is 20 TL, the ticket price of 10 boarding tickets is 38 TL.

90 minutes and Public Transportation continue

With the application of free boarding in 90 minutes after the first boarding, 29 will continue in the new period with the 2019 discounted boarding advantage between 05.00-07.00 and 19.00-20.00 hours launched in April 50.

Who benefits from free and discounted transport

Mail dispensers, citizens over the age of 65, TURKSTAT Card, Press Card, Martyr Family Card, Gazi Card, Disabled Card, Disabled Accompanying Card holders and Security Services Class personnel benefit from public transportation free of charge. In addition, 60-64 age group citizens, students and teachers benefit from public transportation at a discount.

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