Volvo FH460 Tractor Unmissable Sales Campaign

unmissable sales campaign for volvo fh460 tractor units
unmissable sales campaign for volvo fh460 tractor units

Volvo Trucks has launched an advantageous campaign for Volvo FH460 towers until 30 September, offering 0 interest-free loan opportunity and no maintenance costs during the 2 year warranty period.

Turkey Volvo Trucks distributor of Temsa Business Machines by the conduct, the client part of the campaign is available until September 30, 2019; VolvoFH460 offers opportunities for tractors to benefit from 24% interest in VFS Finansman A.Ş.'s 80.000-month term 0 Euro loans and they will not pay maintenance costs during the 2-year warranty period.

The meticulously designed Volvo FH460 tractors offer superior driving comfort with enhanced driving and cab safety. Volvo FH460 tractors offer the perfect balance between engine and transmission characteristics, performance, ease of driving and fuel economy, and are preferred for long-haul transportation in the heavy commercial vehicle industry.

Detailed information about the campaign; It is available from the Volvo Trucks website, from the volvotrucks website and from the Customer Support Line at 444 85 86.

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