Prometeon MC01 The Indispensable Companion of City Buses

prometeon mc01 city buses
prometeon mc01 city buses

Prometeon, the world's only company focused on industrial tires, the licensed manufacturer of premium industrial and commercial Pirelli tires, will be the indispensable companion of buses that travel the longest distances in the city with the “MC01” series tires. “MC01” tires stand out for their durability, durability and safety.

Increased load capacity

The series, whose carrying capacity has increased by approximately 6% compared to the previous generation, offers an increased passenger / load carrying capacity of up to 6 kilograms in a 1400-tire bus that performs urban transportation. "MC01" tires are the same zamIt also guarantees a safe drive.

High mileage performance

Featuring innovative central tread geometry to reduce rubber movement, the “MC01” series stands out for its low rolling resistance and high mileage performance. Close tread blocks provide low rolling resistance while minimizing noise levels.

The series also features a groove geometry designed to evacuate stones and prevent damage to the carcass, and includes M + S and 3PMSF (snowflake) labeling. In this way, 4 offers its users short braking distance, superior safety and traction.

The addition of additional rubber to the series increases the sidewall thickness, providing maximum durability and superior protection against high impact and hard rubbing frequently encountered in urban passenger transport.

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