Isuzu D-Max Outdoor Attended the Festival

Isuzu D Max Attended the Festival
Isuzu D Max Attended the Festival

Isuzu, the Powerful Actor of the Land, Attended the D-Max Outdoor Festival.

Anadolu Isuzu is one of the sponsors of 14-15 Outdoor Fest 2019 held in September in Istanbul Kilyos. Anadolu Isuzu exhibited the D-Max racing car and the New Isuzu D-Max competing in the Transanatolia Rally at its booth, offering visitors the opportunity to test during the event.

Turkey's Anadolu Isuzu commercial vehicle brand, held in Kilyos Nature Life School in September 14-15 joined the Outdoor Festival. Anadolu Isuzu, which allows the test drives of Yeni Isuzu D-Max with 1.9 lt engine volume at its stand, also exhibited its racing car at the Transanatolia Rally organized last month.

2 sponsors 62 different brands, 3165 festival visitors, 16 different nature speakers, 6 workshops, 11 games and 2 concerts. Leather Fest workshop, first aid workshop in nature, coffee brewing workshop in nature, edible and medicinal plants workshop in nature, drone flying workshop and poi production workshops were organized at the Outdoor Fest, accommodation was also recognized by camp.

Outdoor in the visited Anadolu Isuzu stand geeks is still the first and only pick-ups have the ability Isuzu produced in Turkey are given information to the participants about the D-Max, a real offroad trails were granted the opportunity to test drive.

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