Istanbul residents liked to rent a minute car

Istanbul residents liked to rent a minute car
Istanbul residents liked to rent a minute car

Turkey's innovative car rental brand guaranteed if implemented by September 2018 last MOOV guaranteed if the worst was able to be the choice of Istanbul in a short period of one year.

MOOV by Garenta, which broke a record in minute car rental in August and signed 1.400 thousand 4 leases once a day with its fleet of 384 vehicles, succeeded in downloading 450 to smartphones more than a thousand times.

MOOV by Garenta, the new generation car rental service of Garenta, operating under the roof of Anadolu Group, continues to set a record with the number of rentals. 2018 in September, the service opened to users in practice, in July, the average number of 2 thousand 356 car rental in August, while this figure increased by 45 percent of the average 3 thousand 426 car rental was signed once.

Stating that they offer users not only minute car rentals but also freedom, Garenta and Emre Ayyıldız said, “We offer complete freedom with our MOOV by Garenta application. Users can see the closest vehicle through the application, rent it, go wherever they want, and zamThey can terminate the rental wherever they want within the boundaries of the service area. I can say that we are loved very much due to this understanding of freedom we offer and that we are breaking new records every day ”.

Underlining that MOOV by Garenta application has been downloaded more than a thousand times in one year, Ayyıldız said, ız Our new number of users is increasing day by day and our family of MOOV by Garenta is expanding. 450 percent of the leases made in August were made by our new users ”. Ayyıldız stated that they broke new records even though it was a long holiday in August. “In August, we increased our number of leases by 26 and performed an average of 45 thousand 3 rentals per day. In addition to increasing the average number of leases, we set a new record and leased 426 thousand 4 times. The people of Istanbul loved MOOV by Garenta and we reached the number of 384 thousand times in a short period of a year ”.

Emre Ayyıldız stated that it is possible to rent a car per minute with the MOOV by Garenta application: You can rent a car in 15-minute segments, with prices starting from 5 TL, including 8,5 km of fuel, via the application. Prices starting from 1,10 cents are added to your rental for mileage excesses. We continue to make life easier for our users with our MOOV by Garenta service, which is a new alternative in Istanbul transportation.

MOOV by Garenta, which offers freedom to its users, has digitalized the contract it has signed with anyone who wants to get a car rental service. In the practice, which was previously required to be physically signed in the first lease, the development of the digital contract was opened with the improvements made and the whole process began to take place digitally. Anyone who wants to rent a car from MOOV by Garenta can download a MOOV by Garenta application on their smartphones and create a digital contract and start renting a car freely within two hours at the latest.

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