First Step for Tunnel to Eliminate Flood Risk in Istanbul

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu participated in the Ayvalıdere Rain Water Tunnel TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) Lowering Ceremony to save flood risk areas in 4 districts 11 in different points. Imamoğlu stated that such works were written and drawn as individual ingenuity in populations that defeated populism. I never want and wish to be remembered on my own. I want this to be examined, perceived and served by all our colleagues, all business people, all Istanbul. If we do that, if we succeed, we will truly become patriots. Her

Flood Risk in Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem Imamoglu, Ayvalıdere Rain Water Tunnel TBM (Tunneling Machine) participated in the Lowering Ceremony. Imamoglu was accompanied by IMM Deputy Secretary General Sengul Altan Arslan, Murat Yazici and Murat Kalkanli and ISKI General Manager Raif Mermutlu. Mermutlu made the first speech at the ceremony, 1 in Germany in a year-specific technical information about the machine produced the project gave. Mermutlu informs that the machine is cylindrical in 4 meter diameter, 7,5 meter length. It will find its route with the laser measurement system inside. The 190 will drive with KW electric motor power, and the 25 meter will go a month. This progress will increase or decrease depending on the hardness of the ground. Machine, 500-300 meters under the ground, in order to prevent damage to the residence, in general, will follow the road routes, güz he said.


Mermutlu stated that they anticipate the completion of the tunnel in 18 months and the project cost is 80 million TL. Mermetlu shared the information that the tunnel to be built between Eyüpsultan and Esenler districts will be 4 thousand 674 meters long and 4 meters in diameter. Mermutlu listed the benefits of the tunnel to Istanbul as follows: “After the project to be constructed as a connection tunnel between Ayvalıdere and the Golden Horn, zaman zamVatan Street, Aksaray Underpass, Tramway Underpass, Aksaray Metro Station, Yenikapı Metro Station, Namık Kemal Street and TCDD Underpass in Fatih District, which were flooded by the current floods; Bus Station-Hal Connection Road in Bayrampaşa District, Terazidere Mero Stop; Merter E-5 Metro Station in Esenler District and its surroundings and Zeytinburnu Tram Stop in Zeytinburnu District and its surroundings will not be flooded. "


Speaking after Mermutlu, İmamoğlu emphasized that institutions are permanent and politicians are temporary. Saying “Good works produced by institutions are always permanent, if they are good,” said İmamoğlu, “The main principle to achieve this is not to stay away from reason, science, technique and engineering. This every zamthe moment will be your guarantee for a city, for a country. In that respect, we are continuing the continuity of a correct process, a correct infrastructure definition, which has been prepared and prepared from the past to the present. Therefore, we will also finish the job. In the future, we will sign other values, and after we have signed, there will be other people we will entrust and we will entrust them. This demonstrates the power and continuity of the state and institutions. SHE IS zamevery moment in society zamyou will be a strong assurance for the moment. People also feel safe in that community. "What we desire is that these and such useful works never, ever become politicized, never become the property of a party or a party institution or the property of a person," he said.


Stating that these kinds of works are written and drawn as if they were very personal and individual in the communities that succumb to populism, İmamoğlu said, “In this respect, everything that my friends and I will sign belongs to the people of Istanbul. I never want or wish to be mentioned alone, about me. This is my view and principle of life. I would like it to be examined, perceived and served as such by all our colleagues, by all business people, by the whole of Istanbul. If we do this, if we succeed, we will truly turn into patriots. ”Noting that the machine was produced by a German company, İmamoğlu said,“ Sharing its technologies with us, the production turned into such a beautiful service made us happy. I thank them too. We hope - they don't get it wrong - we will be a country that can make better machines like this and that. Let's underline that too. But the world has no limits anymore. Of course we will try to buy the best, the cheapest, but the same zamWe will want to produce at the moment, ”he said.


Imamoglu, TBM, Melen River in Istanbul, the project started to deliver to Sarayburnu construction site, 27 September 2007'de engineer who died as a result of an accident that they gave the name of the engineer Gülseren Yurttaş said. Imamoglu said, vermek To give his name to this device does not alleviate pain; but we will remember his name.. İmamoğlu held the TBM Lowering Ceremony together with the late Yurttaş's son Yağmur Budak and his sister Hatice Yurttaş. Following the ceremony, Budak thanked İmamoğlu and expressed his feelings by embracing him. Imamoglu, all the employees involved in the construction of the tunnel by calling him, took collective photos with them. After the ceremony, the participants were taken to a safe distance and the 190 tonne TBM was lowered to the starting point of the excavation with the help of a crane. It took 12 minutes to move the CPC to the starting point of the excavation.

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