Renault Group 2019 Announces First Half Global Sales Numbers

Renault Group 2019 Announces First Half Global Sales Numbers
Renault Group 2019 Announces First Half Global Sales Numbers

Renault Group 2019 Announces First Half Global Sales Numbers; The Renault Group maintained its market share in the shrinking global market in the first half of the year.

The Renault Group was able to resist the 7,1 decline in the global market, shrinking 6,7 percent, and 1 maintained its 938 market share with million 579 thousand 4,4 vehicle sales.

In the second half of the year, the group continues its product launch with the launch of New Clio and New ZOE in Europe, Arkana in Russia, Triber in India and Renault K-ZE, the new electric model in China.

Olivier Murguet, Renault Group Sales and Regional Director and Board Member: Renault In the first half of the year, the Renault Group, which had no new products, maintained its market share with a decrease of 6,7 in sales in the falling market. -We will focus on successful launches of ZE models" said.

The Renault Group sold 7,1 million 6,7 thousand 1 units in the market in the first half of the year, shrinking 938 percent, declining 579 percent.

While sales in Europe remained steady in the shrinking market of 2,5 percent, in non-European regions, the Group followed a global trend that showed a decline in sales.

Renault brand, electric vehicles 42,9 increased its number of sales worldwide (30 thousand more than 600). ZOE sales in Europe increased by 44,4 percent (25 thousand 041 vehicles), while Kangoo ZE sales increased by 30,7 percent (4 thousand 653 vehicles). The group will launch the Renault K-ZE in China in the second half of the year and will accelerate its electric vehicle strategy by investing in JMEV, the nation's largest electric vehicle manufacturer, 5.

in Europe, 2,5 shrinking percent of sales in the market remained stable. The Group's B segment models (Clio, Captur, Sandero) as well as the New Duster confirmed its success. Clio became Europe's second best-selling model, while Captur became the best-selling crossover model in its class. 3,7 percent growth In the European light commercial vehicle market, 7,5 percent growth has contributed to sales volumes.

Dacia The brand set a new sales record in Europe with 311 thousand 024 sales units (10,6 percent increase) and achieved a record market share (3,3 points increase) of 0,4 percent. This increase was achieved thanks to New Duster and Sandero.

Outside Europe, the Group especially Turkey (44,8 percent) and Argentina (50,2 percent)

The contraction in the market and the fact that sales in Iran have stopped since August 2018 (Renault Group realized 2018 thousand 77 sales units in the first half of 698).

The Renault Group is the second largest country in terms of sales volume. In Russia, leader with 0,45 market share by increasing sales 28,8 points. In the shrinking market of 2,4 percent, sales showed a decline of 0,9 percent.

LADA Thanks to the successful renewal of the product range, 174 has registered thousands of 186 sales and 21 percent sales in 1,0 market share (2,5 points increase). LADA Granta and LADA Vesta became the best-selling 2 model in Russia.

Before the launch of the Arkana model in the second half of the year Renault The brand realized 9,1 thousand 64 sales units with a decrease of 431 percent.

in Brazil The group performed a performance above the market average of 10,5 growing. 40 is the best-selling 500 vehicle (36,5 ranked first in the first half of 5) with more than one thousand 2018 units increasing 9 percent, thanks to the success of the Kwid model. market share (20,2 points increase).

in Africa Thanks to its successful performance, especially in Morocco, South Africa and Egypt, the Group reinforced its leadership with nearly 110 thousand sales and 19,3 market share.

Market share in Morocco has reached a historic level with 43,3. Dacia maintained its leadership thanks to the success of Logan and Dokker. The Renault brand came in second with Morocco's best-selling Clio.

In South Africa, Renault brand sales reached approximately 3,6 thousand 11 with an increase of 900 percent and achieved a market share of 4,9 percent.

Before the launch of the Triber model in the second half of the year in India, Group's market share remained stable at 2,1 in the second quarter.

As of 2022, Triber is preparing to enter a segment that will achieve approximately 50 percent of the Indian market.

The new electric city car Renault K-ZE shrunk 12,7 percent in the second half of the year before the launch of the model China In the market, Group's sales decreased by 23,7 percent.


In 2019, the global automotive market is projected to decline slightly compared to 2018.

The European market is expected to be stable (except “Brexit,), the Russian market is expected to shrink from 2 to 3, and the Brazilian market will grow by about 8.

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