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myrtle metro
myrtle metro

The Preliminary Project presentation of 'Mersin Metro Line 1, which will be started to be built by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality in a short time, will produce a radical solution to the traffic problem of the city and will create improvements in public transportation.

The presentation of the preliminary project at the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Sports Facilities was held with the participation of the Mayor of Mersin Burhanettin Kocamaz.

Daily passenger capacity will be 262 thousand 231 passenger / day total

In the Preliminary Project Presentation, opinions were exchanged on Mersin, Urban Transportation Demands and Data, Technical Properties of the Metro Station with the Gar-Mezitli, Field Studies, Ministry Processes and Approvals. General information about Mersin Metro Line 1 and stations were given.

In the meeting where the warehouse area, technical specifications of the line, line road construction methods are discussed, it will be stated that 'Mersin Metro Line 1 will be constructed as 4 passenger / voyage capacity in a single time with 1080 vehicle directory and 20 km double line railway, 15 station and 2600 car parking lot. The information was given. 'Daily passenger capacity of the Mersin Metro Line 1 will be 262 thousand 231 passengers / day was emphasized.

In the presentation, Mersin Metro Line 1 the most efficient and would be one of the profitable lines highlighted in Turkey, the route of the Republican-Solin-Mezitli- Babylon-Trade-Marina-High School-Forum-Turk Telekom-Tulumba-Free Playground-Gar-Üçocak -Mersin Metropolitan Municipality between the New Service Building and Free Zone said. In the first stage, the number of subway vehicles will be served by 80 vehicle including the backups and 2029 4 additional vehicle in 2036 and 12 additional vehicles will be added in XNUMX.

Urban Living Areas Will Be Designed Outside Transportation

Within the scope of the Master Plan of Transportation, the Mersin Metro Line 1 will solve the traffic problem, which is one of the problems of Mersin, for many years.

Mersin Metro Line, which will be an innovative metro facility for Mersin, will offer a functional service in the sense of functional, low-cost, fast construction, urban aesthetic and transportation in a versatile way. The stations will all be underground and will only be built semi-open with a method that will be implemented for the first time in the world. The stations will be located in the Free Zone, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Üç Ocak, Gar, Ozgur Children's Park and the well-known, Türk Telekom and Forum, High Schools, Marina, Fair, Babylon and Mezitli, Soli and Cumhuriyet.

The main objective of the design is to integrate the transportation system with the special transportation activities of the transportation system. For this purpose, the metro line is planned as the upper floor of the car park. It should be constructed with a special semi-open system, the stations are considered as urban living areas outside of transportation, they can be seen fast, buffet, bookstore, fast food, rest etc. information on the planning of commercial units, the creation of green areas and the use of openings for natural ventilation. 2030 921.655; daily total number of public transport passengers 1.509.491; daily total main backbone public transportation lines of the number of passengers 729.561 and daily total number of passengers in the wheel system was expected to be xNUMX.

myrtle metro line
myrtle metro line
  1. Free zone
  2. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality
  3. January Three
  4. Gar
  5. Free Playground
  6. Pump
  7. Turkish Telecom
  8. Forum
  9. High Schools
  10. Marina
  11. Fair
  12. Babylon
  13. Akdeniz
  14. Salt
  15. Cumhuriyet

Mersin Metro Route (Under Construction)

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