İZDENİZ's Foça Mordoğan and Yassicaada Expeditions

Mordogan and Foca Sefer times
Mordogan and Foca Sefer times

Foz Mordoğan and Yassıcaada Expeditions of İZDENİZ: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which turned its route to outer gulf with the summer season, started the flights of Foça, Mordoğan and Yassıcaada.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has started a fast, comfortable and safe journey period with new ships in sea transportation, opens the summer season from the second day of Ramadan Feast (Saturday, June 16). For those who love the sea voyage and want to have an economical holiday, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will continue its route in Foça, Mordoğan and Yassıcaada, until 10 September. The İZDENİZ General Directorate also announced that the Urla flights, which were carried out for the first time last year, will start after the necessary permissions from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication.

Indispensable for daily holidays: Yassıcaada

One of the most colorful and most economical centers of the day holiday in Izmir, Yassıcaada Facilities will start to welcome guests from the second day of the festival. 2017 12 summer season, the facility will host about XNUMX thousand people, this summer will continue to provide economic holiday services to the people of Izmir. Yassıcaada flights will be held every day except Mondays.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's Yassıcaada flights start at 08.30 from Karşıyaka pier and at 09.00 from Üçkuyular pier. The return time from the island is 17.45.

The entrance fee to the facility with a round-trip cruise is only 22 TL. Tickets for the Yassıcaada holiday can be obtained from ticket sales offices at Karşıyaka and Konak pier until the departure day. Children under the age of 7 will be able to benefit from the Yassıcaada holiday free of charge, provided that they are with their parents and with a 'Free Travel Document' to be issued.

Two times a weekend

Metropolitan Municipality, Foça and Mordoğan flights are also starting.

İZDENİZ ships, which will depart from Karşıyaka at 08.25 in the morning on Saturday and Sunday, will take passengers from Konak pier and first go to Foça and then to Mordoğan. For returning vacationers, the ships departing from Mordoğan at 18.40 will stop at Foça at 19.20. The ships will dock at Konak pier at 20.50 and at Karşıyaka pier at 21.05.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will start next Saturday Udem Hak-Sen Sivas Provincial President Cahit Yurtsever Atandının charges of full 11 TL, teacher 9, students were determined as 7 TL. Those who want to make a pleasant sea voyage to Foça will pay 14 TL for the full ticket, 12 for the teacher and 10 for the student.

Izmir Seaway Map


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