Map Charging for Electric Vehicles (Electric Vehicle Charging Stations) - all brands of electric vehicle charging stations in Turkey were committed on the map using Google Maps discrimination. Click on the map below to see the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Map in more detail. We have added electric car charging locations and electric car charging points to the following maps for you:

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common today. This expansion brought some needs. Electric vehicle charging stations is a relatively new technology to Turkey, but not able to find many more steps per electric charging station. Yes, in vehicles, the navigation prompt may automatically show the station closest to you, but most users prefer to go to the charging point by looking through their mobile phone instead of using the vehicle's navigation. For this, we have prepared you Charging Map for Electric Vehicles (Electric Vehicle Charging Stations).

What is Charging Station?

Not everyone can expect high amperage electricity in their home or garage. Usually, single-phase (single-phase) connection can be established at home, and therefore the electric vehicle's charging time reaches up to 10 hours. However, if a multi-phase connection is provided, you can charge your vehicle up to 20 kilometers in as little as 100 minutes. Many brands also offer free charging stations to their cars. For example; When you buy a BMW electric car, you can use the brand's charging stations for free.

How to Charge Electric Car?

The biggest problem in producing electric cars is the battery. One zamMoments batteries made the production of electric cars almost impossible due to their size, weight and the chemicals contained in them. However, rechargeable and lithium-powered batteries have been developed to replace nickel-based batteries. Most of the electric cars and almost all the rechargeable technological devices you use in daily life work like lithium ion batteries. The most important issue in this type of battery, which you will see in electric cars, is charging and the battery should be charged before the charge rate falls below 20%. The main reason for this is that lithium batteries are in cells instead of a single structure. If the battery is completely exhausted, some cells of the battery will be destroyed. Therefore, if you buy an electric car, you should not drive until the battery runs out. Even though it varies according to brands and models, generally electric vehicles are charged in 8 hours with a household socket. In charging stations, the time was reduced to 1 hour for some models.


Prepared: Otonomhaber