Electric school bus, which can travel long distances on a single charge, was introduced

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Electric School Bus Mega Beast Is Impressive with Its 480 Kilometer Range GreenPower Motor Company, which produces electric vehicles in the United States, introduced the electric school bus Mega Beast, which has a capacity of 90 people and can travel 480 kilometers on a single charge. The vehicle stands out as the model that provides the longest range and has the largest battery pack in the school bus market. Here's what you need to know about Mega Beast...

What are the Features of Mega Beast?

Mega Beast appears as an improved version of the Beast model previously produced by GreenPower Motor Company. The vehicle has a 387 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery and can travel 480 kilometers on a single charge. Additionally, the vehicle's uphill climbing power has also been increased.

Mega Beast has a capacity of 90 people and a design that complies with school bus standards. The vehicle shows high performance in terms of safety, comfort and efficiency. The vehicle also has features such as LED lighting, air conditioning, USB charging points, Wi-Fi and camera system.

Mega Beast What ZamWill it be produced?

GreenPower Motor Company announced that the Mega Beast will be produced at its facilities in California and South Charleston, West Virginia, starting in 2024. The company stated that it has the capacity to produce 2000 Mega Beasts per year.

GreenPower president Brendan Riley said the following about the Mega Beast: “Ultimately, the Mega Beast is the same class-leading vehicle as its predecessor, the Beast; It just has a bigger battery, more range and more uphill climbing power.”

This news includes the latest developments and features about the electric school bus Mega Beast, introduced in the United States. Stay tuned to follow the innovations in the electric vehicle industry.