New generation Toyota Camry models have been officially introduced! Here are its features…

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New Generation of Toyota Camry is in Turkey! Here is the Price and Features

Camry, one of Toyota's best-selling models, appeared in Turkey with its new generation. The ninth generation Camry sheds light on Toyota's future models with its design, technology and performance. Offering front or all-wheel drive options and four different equipment levels, Camry also promises an environmentally friendly drive with its 2.5-liter hybrid engine. The price of the new Camry in Türkiye was announced as 899.900 TL.

New Camry Makes a Difference with Its Design

The new Camry offers significant changes in terms of design compared to its previous generation. Achieving a more dynamic and sporty appearance, Camry draws attention with its LED headlights, wide grille, sharp lines and aerodynamic structure. At the rear, there are LED taillights, integrated spoiler and dual exhaust outlets. The new Camry appeals to different tastes with its 17, 18 and 19 inch wheel options.

New Camry Impresses with Its Technology

The new Camry also offers many innovations in the cabin. Camry, which comes with a 7-inch digital instrument panel and 8-inch multimedia screen as standard, enlarges these screens up to 12.3 inches in XLE and XSE equipment. Additionally, a 10-inch HUD (Head-Up Display) option is also offered. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connection options come standard on all models.

The new Camry is also equipped with Toyota Safety Sense 3.0, Toyota's most up-to-date safety system. This system includes many driving assistants such as collision prevention, lane tracking, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, blind spot warning, rear cross traffic alert.

New Camry Satisfies Its Drivers with Its Performance

The new Camry also has an assertive engine in terms of performance. Combining a 2.5-liter four-cylinder internal combustion engine with electric motors, Camry offers a hybrid drive. The front-wheel drive version can produce 228 horsepower with two electric motors. The all-wheel drive version can increase this power to 235 horsepower with an extra electric motor. Both versions are paired with an eCVT transmission.

The new Camry no longer offers its V6-powered version. Toyota officials also state that this model is actually the 8th generation Camry, which has undergone a heavy make-up operation.

New Camry Will Go on Sale in 2024

The new Camry is also available for sale in Turkey. The price of the model was announced as 899.900 TL. The new Camry will be available with front or all-wheel drive options and four different equipment levels. Sales of the new Camry will start in 2024.