Uber increased its usage rate in Turkey

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Global technology giant Uber shared Turkey's data for the summer months of 2023. These data reveal once again how attractive Turkey is for world tourism. Turkey hosted tourists from 158 different countries throughout the summer, and the choice of these tourists was Uber Taxi.

Tourists' Choice: People from 158 Countries

Uber Taxi became the center of attention of tourists from 158 countries during the summer months. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, America, England and Russia are at the top of the list. This shows how diverse an audience Turkey appeals to as a global tourism destination.

Increase in Travels: Istanbul Airport Stands Out

Trips with Uber Taxi increased every week during the summer months. The majority of these trips were Istanbul airport trips. Additionally, shopping areas are among the most preferred routes of Uber users in Istanbul. Taksim, Mall of Istanbul, Galataport, Vadistanbul, Marmara Park, İstinye Park and Grand Bazaar are among the most popular routes.

Record Day and High Tip: 6 August 2023 and 240 TL Tip

According to the data announced by Uber, the most trips with Uber Taxi were made on Sunday, August 6, 2023. The highest tip given to a taxi driver during the summer was 240 TL. This shows the satisfaction Uber users have with taxi drivers.

Popular Routes: Istanbul is the Center of Shopping!

The most preferred routes by Uber users in Istanbul were shopping areas. Combining comfort and modernity in taxi driving, Uber serves popular areas such as Taksim, Mall of Istanbul, Galataport, Vadistanbul, Marmara Park, İstinye Park and Grand Bazaar.

Uber Turkey General Manager Neyran Bahadırlı said, “We see an increasing interest in using Uber among both passengers and taxi drivers. "Uber has been adopted by a wide user base in Turkey and saw high demand during the summer months," he said.

Uber's success in Turkey is met with increasing interest and satisfaction among both domestic and foreign users. Uber Taxi, the favorite of tourists, makes a difference in the taxi industry by bringing modern, comfortable and reliable transportation to Turkey.