What is the new Togg model? zamIt's on its way, how much does it cost?

togg new model

Turkey's domestic electric car manufacturer Togg is preparing to add a new one to its success story. Togg, currently Turkey's second best-selling electric car brand, aims to offer more options to its customers with a new model after the SUV T10X model. According to the statements of CEO Gürcan Karakaş, an exciting new model will appear in 2025.

New Model: Innovation in Coupe Style

Gürcan Karakaş, CEO of Togg, announced that the company is working on a new passenger car in the C segment. This new model, whose design phase is planned to be completed at the end of 2024, will hit the roads at the beginning of 2025. Karakaş stated that young people will adopt the coupe style in line with their preferences, and emphasized that the vehicle can have sedan coupe or cross coupe lines.

Increase in Production Speed: Investments and Future Plans

Gürcan Karakaş announced that production speeds will increase with the transition to the second shift in the factory. He stated that they will increase the production capacity of 170 vehicles per day to 280 with the second shift. It is also said that the investment for Togg will reach 1.8 billion Euros by the end of the year. While 500 million Euros of this large investment will be provided by partners, the remaining part will be covered by loans.

Young People's Choice: Design and Environmental Approach

The new model's adoption of the coupe style aims to meet the expectations of young and dynamic drivers. Same zamThis electric vehicle, which is currently produced with an environmentally friendly approach, also emphasizes the concept of sustainable transportation.

What is the price of the new Togg model?

The price of the new Togg model is not yet clear.