Honda puts its new model on sale in Turkey for 200 thousand TL!


Honda's Electric Wonder: Price and Features of N-Van e!

Electric Revolution

Honda is preparing to pioneer the electric revolution in Japan. The electric Honda N-Van e model draws attention with its silent and zero-emission power transmission. The price of this magnificent vehicle has been announced, and it stands out with its features as an environmentally friendly option.

Unrivaled in Range

The electric Honda N-Van e will appear on Japan's roads with a range of over 200 kilometers. This little giant, which does not lose any of its features from its internal combustion engine brother, is not only practical but also zamIt currently has a quiet and zero-emission powertrain.

Electric Honda N-Van e

Honda N-Van e incorporates air conditioning controls taken from the updated N-Box model. However, the materials used still aim for the top in terms of aesthetics and usefulness. Features such as the Honda Connect system, Honda Sensing ADAS package and equipment such as side curtain airbags make this vehicle advanced.

Energy efficiency

Although the engine features have not been announced yet, it is stated that the Honda N-Van e will offer strong acceleration with low noise levels. While servo-assisted brakes make it easier to control deceleration, they are also assertive in terms of energy efficiency.

Price and Release Date

Honda will exhibit the Electric N Van e model at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 event in Tokyo. Pricing is expected to be announced in the spring. It has been confirmed that the starting price will be below 200 thousand liras, excluding taxes. Last year, Honda stated the starting price was ¥1 million. This, including taxes, corresponds to approximately 390 thousand Turkish Liras in Turkey.

Step into the Future with N-Van e!

Honda N-Van e opens the doors of future automobile technology with its zero-emission power transmission and environmentally friendly features. This wonderful vehicle, which stands out with its economical price, offers its driver an economical driving experience while minimizing the environmental impact.