Does the new Mercedes G – Class come with a new suspension system?

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Mercedes G-Class is Renewed: More Comfortable and Stable with New Suspension System

Mercedes-Benz G-Class is being made up with a new suspension system. The renewed SUV model, revealed in spy photos, is being improved in terms of both design and performance. According to information received from Mercedes, the new suspension system will increase the vehicle's handling, comfort and offroad ability.

How Does the New Suspension System Work?

The new suspension system consists of an electro-hydraulic system that replaces traditional anti-roll bars. This system is equipped with valves in each shock absorber that allow fluid to pass from side to side. Gas-filled metal spheres located under each axle distribute the liquid according to need.

This adaptive system can adjust the shock absorber system according to road speed, steering, angle, vehicle movement and driving mode. In this way, it provides a more stable ride by reducing the lateral leaning of the vehicle. In addition, this system increases wheel mobility and offers more flexibility in offroad driving. Another advantage is that it is lighter than mechanical anti-roll bars.

This optional suspension system is an improved version of the semi-active hydraulic roll stabilization system used in the AMG GT and SL-Class models.

Mercedes-AMG's head of suspension, Ralf Haug, said about this technology: 'After seeing the advantages that this technology brings to our sports cars, we immediately started thinking about what we could do for our offroad models.'

What is the renewed G-Class? Zammoment to be introduced?

What is the renewed version of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class? zamIt is not yet clear when it will be introduced, but the emergence of spy photos is imminent. zamIt indicates that there may be a launch at the moment. In addition to the updated G63 model, other engine options are also expected to bring innovations. It is said that there will be some changes in the design of the new G-Class.