Big discount on Honda Civic prices! How much is the cheapest Honda Civic? Honda Civic Price List for October 1, 2023

Honda Civic

Honda Civic: Stands Out with Its Stylish Design and Wide Equipment Options

Introduction: Honda Civic Attracts Automobile Enthusiasts in Turkey!

Honda Civic was specially designed to attract automobile enthusiasts in Turkey with its elegance, automatic transmission options and safety features. Offering an ideal option for families, Civic attracts everyone's attention by combining comfort and technology.

Honda Civic Stands Out With Its Wide Equipment Options

Honda Civic is offered with four different options in our country, and each one stands out with its wide range of equipment levels and automatic transmission. This car, which attracts attention with its entry-level price, is offered for sale with a price tag starting from 1.573.000 TL. An important piece of information, especially for those who are concerned, is that the Civic comes with a fully automatic transmission in all trim options.

Superior to Its Competitors with Automatic Transmission

Honda Civic's competitors include models such as Renault Megane and Toyota Corolla. However, the Civic stands out with its automatic transmission advantage over its competitors that are offered with a manual transmission at the entry level. This aims to provide users with a comfortable driving experience. It also draws attention in terms of its spacious interior, safety features and fuel efficiency.

Stylish and Comfortable Interior Design

Honda Civic has a more stylish and elegant appearance by increasing the weight in its design. It offers a comfortable journey, especially for families, with its spacious interior. The interior design is equipped with ergonomic seats and high-quality materials, making driving more enjoyable.

Groundbreaking Technology in Security

Civic offers groundbreaking technology for safety. Advanced driver assistance systems such as collision avoidance system, adaptive cruise control, and lane tracking assistant increase the safety of the driver and passengers, offering an ideal option for families.

Prices: Attractive Price Tags of Honda Civic

Despite the features it offers, Honda Civic is in the Turkish market at attractive prices. Here are some hardware options and prices:

  • 1.5L VTEC Turbo ECO Automatic Elegance
    • Price: 1.573.000 TL
  • 1.5L VTEC Turbo ECO Automatic Executive+
    • Price: 1.704.000 TL
  • 1.5L VTEC Turbo Petrol Automatic Elegance
    • Price: 1.573.000 TL
  • 1.5L VTEC Turbo Petrol Automatic Executive+
    • Price: 1.704.000 TL