Jordan: Fixing Ferrari will require ruthlessness


Former Formula 1 team owner Eddie Jordan thinks that the main reason why Ferrari has been away from its previous performance for a long time and has not been able to win championships is in the team's management structure.

Jordan said that if he were the team boss at Ferrari, he could achieve similar success to Michael Schumacher's success and build the strong foundations needed for the team to create a winning culture.

“If I were the boss there, I would undoubtedly create something the way Michael [Schumacher] created,” Jordan said. said.

“Ferrari brought in Rory Byrne, Pat Symonds and they already had Jean Todt; this group formed the core of the team. "In my opinion, Ferrari definitely got the order wrong."

“There are great guys at the top: there are great engineers who can design great engines, who can design great cars, but it takes the fine details to make that race car a 'winning car'. "That's exactly the difference."

Jordan said that another thing Ferrari did wrong was to appoint inexperienced people to head the team.

“I think they need people who have gone through karting or Formula 3. Because they are currently hiring people who do not have internal knowledge, experience and recall ability. If there were people with experience, when they encountered a situation they would ask 'What did I do when this happened in Formula 3?' What did I do there?' "They may think."

Jordan stated that some of the mistakes made by Ferrari in recent years have affected the team and said, “They are really making stupid mistakes at Ferrari that affect the team. "I'm sorry, if I were at Ferrari I would be really ruthless, but from such a broad perspective I think I'll actually turn it around a bit." said.