Very special GT versions have arrived from McLaren!

mclaren gt

McLaren has introduced four special limited-edition versions of the McLaren GT as part of the personalization drive of its UK-exclusive McLaren Special Operations (MSO) division. These special edition models have unique exterior colors and interior materials. This special edition, with only two examples produced each, is expected to consist of eight special vehicles in total.

Unique Exterior Colors

mclaren gt

Each of these special editions features unique exterior colors linked to McLaren's history and motorsport history. Colors include Cerulean Blue used on the P1 supercar, XP Green used on a prototype F1 road car, Sarigan Quartz featured on the Speedtail XP2 and a new colour, Cyber ​​Yellow; This color has a silver and white glitter effect added on top of the existing Volcano Yellow color.

Special Interior Details

Developed by MSO, these special edition GT models feature special materials and details in the same color as the exterior, including diamond-pattern stitching in the same color as the exterior. Each vehicle has a numbered plate on the center console to emphasize its uniqueness. Thus, you can see in which order your car was produced.

mclaren gt

Power and Performance

The McLaren GT is powered by a 612-liter twin-turbocharged V456 engine that produces 630 horsepower (4.0 kilowatts) and 8 Newton-meters of torque. Equipped with a seven-speed automatic transmission, the vehicle can accelerate from 3.1 to 0 km/h in just 96 seconds and has a maximum speed of 326 km/h.


Pricing details of these special edition GT models have not been announced by McLaren. However, it goes without saying that they are quite expensive.

McLaren aims to offer a unique experience to car enthusiasts with these special limited production GT models. Each vehicle can be considered a work of art, reflecting McLaren's commitment to excellence and luxury.