New Version of Renault Clio on Turkish Roads

renault clio

Renewed Design and Prices

New Clio has a stylish and contemporary design. Especially the front face has a more attractive appearance with its renewed headlights and grille. The interior of the vehicle is also equipped with quality materials and offers more comfort to the driver.

New Clio's sales prices in Turkey are quite competitive. While the Equilibre version is offered at prices starting from 826.900 TL, the Evolution version starts from 959.900 TL.

Various Engine Options

New Clio offers various engine options to meet different needs. While the TCe 90 hp x-tronic version of the Techno Esprit Alpine hardware is offered for sale at 1.023.900 TL, the highly anticipated E-Tech full hybrid 145 hp version is waiting for its buyers with a price tag of 1.248.900 TL.

Great Interest in Turkey

Renault Clio is met with great interest in Turkey. Achieving sales success of more than 16 million units worldwide, Clio also left a big mark in Turkey. More than 600 thousand Clios have been sold to date. Moreover, this car is produced in Turkey and more than 4.2 million units have been produced in OYAK Renault Factories. Clio stands out as one of every two vehicles sold in the B-HB segment.

Eco-Friendly Technology

Renault also attaches importance to environmentally friendly technologies. In 2020, it started using E-Tech Full Hybrid technology in its cars, including Clio. Thanks to this technology, fuel efficiency increases and an environmentally friendly driving experience is offered. The 145 hp E-Tech Full Hybrid version is equipped with innovative features such as energy recovery and makes the driving experience more efficient.