Sainz Brought a Historic Victory to Ferrari at the Singapore GP


Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz won the race in the Singapore GP, leaving McLaren's Lando Norris behind. With this victory, Sainz brought Ferrari its first victory of the 2021 season.

Ferrari pilot Carlos Sainz won the race with a magnificent performance in the Singapore GP. Sainz never gave up his leadership in the race, which he started from the pole position, and dragged McLaren pilot Lando Norris behind him, bringing Ferrari its first victory of the 2021 season.

Sainz had a very controlled race after maintaining his lead at the beginning of the race. Sainz aimed to complete the race with a single pit stop by keeping his performance under control from the very beginning on the track where overtaking was very difficult. The Mercedes pilots, who made two pit stops by switching to the new set of medium tires in the last part of the race, very quickly closed the gap with Sainz in the front and Norris and Leclerc behind him.

While the Mercedes pilots passed Leclerc without much difficulty, they quickly closed the gap with Norris. However, seeing this, Sainz moved Norris into the DRS gap and made it difficult for the Mercedes drivers to pass. The last 5-6 laps passed like this and the Mercedes pilots did not have the opportunity to overtake.

At the end of the day, Sainz was the first to complete the race, while Norris came second behind him. While Russell retired from the race due to a mistake he made on the last lap, Hamilton was the one to complete the podium.

Sainz: “An incredible feeling, all of Italy must be proud!”

Speaking before the podium after the race, Sainz said, “An incredible feeling, an incredible weekend. “I would like to thank everyone at Ferrari for their efforts to turn things around after a difficult start and allow us to win.”

“We had a great weekend and race. We did everything we had to do. We did it perfectly and came home victorious. I am sure that I will make all of Italy and Ferrari proud today.” said.

Sainz said he felt in control throughout the race, even though the final stretch was very close.

Sainz: “To be honest, every zamI instantly felt in control. Each zamAt that moment I felt like there was a gap and I had the performance to do anything I wanted. "I'm not going to lie to you, when you're under pressure you're very close to making mistakes, but I felt under control."

“I felt like I could handle it well and brought the car to the finish. It's the best feeling. “I feel on cloud nine today.” said.

Ferrari's first victory of the 2021 season

Sainz's victory in the Singapore GP was Ferrari's first victory of the 2021 season. Ferrari was trying to maintain its third place position this season, falling behind Mercedes and Red Bull. Although Ferrari achieved good results on some tracks in the first half of the season, its performance decreased in the second half of the season.

Ferrari had failed to score points in Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy before coming to the Singapore GP. After Ferrari's poor performance on these tracks, team boss Mattia Binotto said that they would be better in the Singapore GP. Binotto's words turned out to be true and Ferrari won both the pole position and the race in the Singapore GP.

This victory for Ferrari was a boost of morale after the team's poor performance in the 2020 season. Ferrari had one of the worst seasons in its history, finishing sixth in the 2020 season. Ferrari worked to make a fresh start in the 2021 season and made significant changes to its vehicle.

Ferrari's victory in the Singapore GP showed that the team was on the right track. Ferrari made both its fans and itself happy with this victory. Ferrari wants to continue this performance in the remaining races of the season.