Opel Rocks e-XTREME, which won first place in the Design Hack competition, was produced

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Opel Rocks e-XTREME: Electric Off-Road Vehicle Concept

Opel has realized the design that won first place in the #OpelDesignHack competition organized with the slogan "You Design, We Produce". The concept vehicle, which pushes the limits of the Opel Rocks Electric model, was produced under the name Opel Rocks e-XTREME. The vehicle offers a fun and free mobility solution for electric transportation not only in the city but also on all types of terrain.

#OpelDesignHack Competition Winner: Lukas Wenzhöfer

Opel addressed industrial design students in the competition it organized with the theme of electric mobility solutions in urban transportation. Students participating in the competition reinterpreted the design of the Opel Rocks Electric model using their imagination. The jury of the competition made their evaluations via live broadcast from the workshop where Opel designed its concept vehicles. The winner of the competition was Industrial Design Student Lukas Wenzhöfer. Wenzhöfer's design was produced by Opel's engineers and the project was implemented.

Opel Rocks e-XTREME: Features of the Electric Off-Road Vehicle

The Opel Rocks Electric model is an innovative vehicle that offers emission-free driving pleasure for two people from 15 years of age in Europe. The mass production version of the model attracts attention with its extraordinary design. Opel Rocks e-XTREME is a concept vehicle that takes this design even further. The vehicle has a sporty and extraordinary structure that can easily reach any target thanks to its off-road capabilities. The vehicle shows that electric transportation promises much more than a mobility solution.

Rebecca Reinermann, Vice President of Marketing for Opel/Vauxhall; “We have entered a new way of interaction and communication with #OpelDesignHack. For this project, Opel opened the usually closed doors of the industry. "In this way, we were introduced to designs that pushed the limits of students' imagination and we turned one of them into reality," he said.

Industrial Design Student Lukas Wenzhöfer, who won the competition and witnessed the production of his dream vehicle, said; “I highlighted the theme of freedom in the design of Rocks e-XTREME. It is possible to have a fun driving experience on all kinds of terrain with this vehicle. "This shows that electric transportation is an ideal option not only in the city but also for those who want to be in touch with nature," he said.

This experience is expected to reach many more people in the following months. Opel Rocks e-XTREME will continue to attract attention as part of Opel's electric transportation vision.