Fiat will produce 100 Fiorinos specially for the 1923th anniversary of the Republic


A Special Car Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Republic: Fiat Fiorino 100th Anniversary Series

Fiat Fiorino is a model that has been known for its reliability and functionality in the light commercial vehicle market in Turkey for years. This vehicle, which has been produced and exported to many countries around the world since 2007, has become one of the most preferred models in the commercial vehicle market in Turkey. This special car was launched with a special series to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey and to immortalize this meaningful anniversary: ​​Fiat Fiorino 100th Anniversary Special Series.


Design Inspired by the Turkish Flag

Fiorino 100th Anniversary Special Series draws attention with features inspired by the Turkish Flag. The most prominent detail in the exterior design of the vehicle is the red FIAT logo located on the front and the red details on the side mirror covers. These details are in perfect harmony with the body color of the vehicle, which is available only in white. In addition, the 100th Anniversary logo on both sides of the vehicle, on the windshield and on the rear door, symbolizes the eternity and power of the Republic of Turkey.

The double-colored rear door of the vehicle attracts particular attention with its black and white colors and distinguishes Fiorino from other vehicles. With these special design details, Fiorino celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Republic in an eye-catching way.


Originality in Interior Design

Fiorino's interior is also equipped with a special touch. The leather steering wheel with red stitching, gear boot and gear knob are just a few of the details that make the vehicle's interior special. Additionally, the red patterns on the seats and the seat stitching are striking elements in Fiorino's interior design. The 100th Anniversary logo on the center console was added specifically to commemorate the founding year of the Republic.


Limited Edition: Special Serial Number Badge

Fiorino 100th Anniversary Series, of which 1923 units will be produced in total to represent the 100th anniversary of the Republic, is equipped with one more feature. The Special Serial Number Badge with the vehicle's number written on the center console emphasizes how special this vehicle is. Each Fiorino 100th Anniversary Series aims to celebrate Turkey's independence and the founding of the Republic.

Advanced in Technology and Security


Fiorino is the same not only with its design zamIt also attracts attention with its technological features and security equipment. Features that increase driving safety, such as EBD supported ABS, ESP, ASR and hill start support, prove the reliability of this vehicle. Additionally, driver and passenger front and side airbags provide protection in possible collisions.

Features such as air conditioning, rain sensor and darkness sensor in the interior of the vehicle make driving more comfortable, while heated front driver and passenger seats guarantee warmth in cold weather. The functional leather steering wheel and gear knob make the driving experience more enjoyable.

Fiorino offers the driver a modern connection experience by offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technology as standard with a 7-inch tablet screen.


On Sale at Affordable Prices

The special series, launched with the Fiorino Combi 1.3 Mjet 95 HP version, is offered to customers at a price of 690 Thousand 900 TL. This affordable price offers a great opportunity for those who want to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic with a special vehicle.