Faroe Islands start zero emissions in transportation with electric bus Iveco E-Way

ivecoe way

IVECO BUS delivered two E-WAY city buses to HZ Bussa. The vehicles were purchased for the Faroe Islands, which is part of the Kingdom of Denmark and an autonomous state. The vehicles will be used on the transport routes of Tórshavn Municipality, the Capital of Faroe. E-WAYs, the first two electric buses on the islands, will provide free service for the people of the island, like other municipal vehicles.

IVECO BUS supplied two 10.7 meters long E-WAY buses to HZ Bussar to facilitate public transportation in Tórshavn Municipality. The vehicles are the first two fully electric city buses to operate on the islands. The buses join the CROSSWAY fleet, which has 2022 vehicles in service since December 16.

Powered by 420 battery packs with a total of 10 kWh, E-WAY can successfully provide the service it will give in daily working conditions. Thus, it will demonstrate the excellent driving capacity offered by this night-loading midibus, which is versatile in adapting to different routes.

E-WAY midibus, with its compact dimensions of only 10,7 m in length and 2,33 m in width, is also a vehicle that easily enters narrow streets in city centers and roads that are difficult to access. E-WAY buses, which do not produce emissions, work silently, comfortable transportation
provides. Helping to protect the environment, E-WAY buses contribute to a better quality of life for passengers, drivers and citizens.

Expressing his thoughts on the subject, HZ Bussar Public Transport Manager John Fonsdal said, "We have received two new E-WAY buses and this is a very special moment for us. Because these are the first electric buses on the islands. We are very excited to switch from diesel to zero emission electric vehicles." used.

Giorgio Zino, Head of European Bus Commercial Operations at IVECO BUS, said: We are proud that our E-WAY midibuses have been selected as the first electric buses to operate in the Faroe Islands. This delivery demonstrated once again that the VECO BUS, E-WAY Series, fully meets the needs of public transport operators with its strong and widespread service and service, whatever the task and wherever it may be.