SHADOW CARVER Unmanned Ground Vehicle Ready for Mission

SHADOW CARVER Unmanned Ground Vehicle Ready for Mission
SHADOW CARVER Unmanned Ground Vehicle Ready for Mission

In a combat environment where symmetrical and asymmetrical threats co-exist, efforts to increase the role of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UAVs) in the battlefield are becoming increasingly common. While unmanned systems have become the focus of attention of modern armies with their superior capabilities thanks to alternative missions that they can take in dangerous environments and developing technology, their use has become increasingly indispensable.

FNSS also exhibited its unmanned ground vehicle "SHADOW SUVARI" concept, which is an output of the work it started in 2018 and based on the M113 platform, at the IDEF International Defense Industry Fair for the first time in 2019. Later, in 2021, the autonomous A-SCA with a large number of sensors and situational awareness systems selected according to the different conditions of the battlefield was exhibited together with the software development simulator, again at the IDEF Fair.

At the point reached today, the SHADOW SUVARI has landed on the field as an optional manned combat system with remote command or autonomous movement capability. In particular, it was used in the remote control mode in the wing element concept in real operational conditions on the battlefield in the international military joint exercise held in 2022. During this process, many improvements were made as a result of the feedback obtained from the intensive field tests. Shadow Cavalry has evolved into a family of autonomous unmanned land vehicles that will meet all kinds of missions, especially fire support, with its design that allows the integration of useful payloads suitable for the mission.

FNSS's concept is presented as a viable and adaptable solution that adds autonomous capability to a conventional land platform with a kit that can be integrated into any armored land vehicle. The technological readiness level of GÖLGE SUVARİ has reached 6-7, and with this feature, it has taken its place among Turkey's first and the world's leading heavy class unmanned land vehicles. In the meantime, new variants have been developed in accordance with different usage purposes, usage concepts specific to each variant have been created and detailed designs have been made. In case of need, the ambulance variant with a stretcher for the transport of the wounded can be used as a logistic support vehicle, weapon system integration and fire support vehicle by integrating the necessary mission equipment for load carrying tasks, as well as the concept that can be used as a command vehicle, tactical deception vehicle and fortification reconnaissance vehicle.

With its communication performance and limits increased and detection algorithms matured, SHADOW SUVARI has reached a much higher level of technological readiness in areas such as speed and direction stabilization, route tracking, autonomous patrol, convoy tracking, drivable area detection and obstacle avoidance. SHADOW SUVARI, whose security measures have been increased, usage performance has been increased in different weather and road conditions, and its user interface has been developed in line with experience, is waiting to meet with the visitors at IDEF 2023.

In the concept of SHADOW Cavalry, which will be exhibited at IDEF 2023, a stretcher has been integrated for the transportation of the injured in order to show that more than one task can be performed, and it can also be easily adapted to carry supplies within the scope of logistics support tasks.

In addition, to show that it can undertake tasks such as performing fire support duties and providing protection to the teams, the SHADOW CARVER is equipped with the SANCAK UKK, unlike the previous IDEF. GÖLGE SUVARİ is a family of heavy class unmanned land vehicles developed domestically and nationally without external support with FNSS's own resources and engineering capabilities.