Suzuki Hayabusa's 25th Anniversary Special Model in Turkey in August

Suzuki Hayabusa Year Special Model in Turkey in August
Suzuki Hayabusa Year Special Model in Turkey in August

Represented by Doğan Trend Automotive in Turkey, Suzuki Motorcycle's flagship model, Hayabusa, celebrates its 2023th anniversary in 25. The new Hayabusa 25th anniversary special model will be offered for sale in Turkey as of August, with the assurance of Doğan Trend Otomotiv.

Represented in our country by Doğan Trend Automotive, the legendary model of Suzuki Motorcycle, Hayabusa, is celebrating its 2023th anniversary as of 25. The “Hayabusa 25th Anniversary” model, which was introduced at a special ceremony held for the anniversary, will be put on sale in Turkey as of August, with the assurance of Doğan Trend Otomotiv. With its futuristic design and exciting performance, Hayabusa, which always provides the adrenaline rush for motorcycle lovers, draws attention with its orange and black body structure in its series produced specially for the 25th year, and is distinguished by features such as a special color for the drive chain adjuster and front brake disc.

In addition, the muffler body and the drive chain have original engravings, while the 25th anniversary logo and three-dimensional “SUZUKI” lettering on the tank have been added to this special model. In addition, the 25th anniversary model hits the road with a single-seater version as standard.

Legend of the motorcycle world

Leaving behind 25 years full of legends, the first generation of Suzuki Hayabusa was introduced in 1998 at the Intermot Motorcycle Fair held in Germany under the name “Hayabusa-GSX1300R” and started to be sold in Europe and North America in 1999. The product concept was “Ultimate Sport”. The first generation Hayabusa offered high power, superior performance and handling level together with its unique and aerodynamic design. The model is short after her introduction. zamIt instantly made a big splash and became a flagship motorcycle representing Suzuki.

When the calendars showed the year 2007, the second generation Hayabusa took the stage. The cylinder volume of the engine was increased from 299 cc to 340 cc. The new model inherited the extraordinary power and performance of the first generation. The second generation Hayabusa featured the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (SDMS), allowing the driver to adjust the power output. While Spec was produced in Japan in 2014, production and sales began in India in 2016.

In 2021, the third generation Hayabusa was introduced, which was highly appreciated by motorcycle lovers. In its latest generation, the Hayabusa has a completely new engine, chassis and various electronic controls. In the third generation, the engine and chassis parts were completely redesigned. Together with Traction Control and Bidirectional Quick Shift Systems, the electronic control system "SIRS (Suzuki Intelligent Driving System)" started to make this model both more powerful and more controllable. The “Refined Monster” design concept has become one of Hayabusa's signatures today.

Leaving behind a production figure of 200 units, Suzuki Hayabusa is sold in 48 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Europe, India and Latin America.

Suzuki President Toshihiro Suzuki said, “Hayabusa is zamThe moment became our flagship model representing Suzuki. He has fans all over the world. We can celebrate the 25th anniversary of this model and that's it. zamWe express our deepest gratitude for being loved by all. I personally tested the prototype of the current third generation. As the Suzuki team, I am proud to say that we are offering our customers the best model to date. Hayabusa evolution zamThe moment will continue. We wish you continued love and support.”

Hayabusa by years

1998: The “Hayabusa” GSX1300R was unveiled at the Intermot Motorcycle Show, Germany.

1999: Hayabusa goes on sale.

2007: The second generation Hayabusa goes on sale.

2014: Japan version goes on sale.

2016: Started production and sales in India.

2021: The third generation Hayabusa goes on sale.

2022: reached a total production of 200 thousand units.

The awards Hayabusa received in Japan are as follows:

-Japan Institute of Design Promotion / 2014 Best Design Award (Second generation)

-All Japan Motorcycle Culture Association / 4th Japan Motorcycle of the Year 2021, Small Motorcycles Category, Big Gold Award

-Young Machine / Machine of the Year 2021, General Category First, Street Sports Big Motorcycle Category

-Japan Industrial Design Association / Design Museum Selection