Is Netflix's The Days series based on a true story?

Is The Days based on a true story x
Is The Days based on a true story x

Is Netflix's The Days series based on a true story? Hoping to emulate HBO's acclaimed success with the mini-series Chernobyl, Netflix has released a new series about another nuclear disaster, this time in Japan. Days follows the trajectory and consequences of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear incident.

In this compelling dramatization, viewers will get an inside look at what happened during this devastating event. If you're a fan of the latest Netflix documentary series, Meltdown: Three Mile Island, you'll want to take a look at this series. Unlike Meltdown: Three Mile Island, this is a scripted show and not a documentary, but it should still be pretty informative.

Is The Days on Netflix based on a true story?

Yes, Days is based on the true story of the Fukushima disaster that occurred on March 11, 2011. Fukushima is considered the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl. Many people were injured in the incident. More than 160.000 people were evacuated due to the emitted radiation. Like Chernobyl, Fukushima was ranked seventh on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES), indicating a major accident.

The nuclear accident was bad enough, but the provocative event, the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, were what acted as the catalyst and started a chain of destruction that resulted in over 19.750 deaths, over 6.000 injuries, and countless disappearances. It devastated the entire region. The tsunami disabled the power supply at the plant, causing Fukushima's three-core reactor to melt down.

Clean-up work continues in the Fukushima disaster

The cleanup is underway, and the government expects it to be completed in at least another 2022 years, according to a report from AP News in 29.

At the time of writing, about 900 tons of molten nuclear fuel remained inside the damaged reactors. Workers were to slowly begin transporting the treated radioactive water in the spring of this year, but the AP reported that Japan "has no final storage plan, even for the highly radioactive waste from normal reactors."

The Days is now streaming on Netflix.