New Renault Austral in Turkey

New Renault Austral in Turkey
New Renault Austral in Turkey

Launch of the new Renault Austral, Turkey's largest island with the motto "This Journey is Yours" zamIt took place in Gökçeada, the westernmost point, at the same time. The unique launch journey focused on the best Renault experience to date. All areas on the driving route have been designed in accordance with Renault's new brand world and the spirit of its new model, Austral. What is Renault Austral in Turkey? zamwhen will it be on sale? Here is Renault Austral Price.

“We aim to be the leader in the C-SUV segment with the New Renault Austral”

MAIS Inc. General Manager Berk Çağdaş said, “SUV body type and C-SUV sub segment are getting stronger day by day in Turkey. Today, 2 out of every 1 vehicles sold in Turkey is C segment models, while SUV models are the most sold body type. We have positioned ourselves as the best Renault ever. zamAt the same time, we are strengthening our dominance in the C segment with the New Renault Austral, which was deemed worthy of the “2023 Europe's Best Car to Buy” award by the AUTOBEST jury. Being the first model in Turkey to be offered for sale with more sporty Esprit Alpine equipment, the new Renault Austral is also very ambitious with its efficient 160 hp mild hybrid engine option. With the new Renault Austral, which responds to all the needs of users with both technological and design features, we aim to be the leader in the C-SUV segment by exceeding expectations.”

Exterior design with enhanced quality perception

The new Renault Austral offers a sense of high quality with its emotional silhouette and carefully shaped strong lines. It combines with Renault's new 'emotional technology' design principles, with details such as high-tech taillights with 3D depth effects and diamond-shaped patterns on the headlights.

Remarkable, athletic and the same zamNew Renault Austral, which has an elegant exterior design at the same time, gives a feeling of spaciousness with its ideal body proportion when viewed from the outside. New Renault Austral with Satin Mineral Gray color option emphasizing the athletic appearance exclusive to the Esprit Alpine version; It is also offered for sale in mother-of-pearl White, Flame Red, Iron Blue, Star Black and Mineral Gray body colors.

Optionally, two colors can be applied for a more original look. In the dual color application, the ceiling changes to Star Black, while this color is the same. zamCurrently, the shark antenna can be used on the mirror caps, the air intakes in the front bumper and the sill panel.

The new Renault Austral, Techno Esprit Alpine version offers 20” alloy wheels in Diamond-cut Daytona Black, with the new Renault logo at the center of all wheel models.

Interior design: a cocoon of technology

The new Austral includes the best technology for everyone without sacrificing driving pleasure with its 564 cm2 OpenR Link infotainment system. In addition to the enhanced 12,3D vehicle graphics, the 3” digital instrument display also reflects the warnings of the driving support systems.

Thanks to its self-adjusting brightness and optimized reflectivity, the OpenR display gives the interior a more technological, sleeker and more attractive appearance.

The new Austral clearly separates the living areas of the driver and front passenger with its stylish and modern structured center console. The adjustable hand rest with a practical storage area allows you to comfortably control the 9” OpenR infotainment screen, and also functions as a place where you can charge your phone wirelessly.

The interior of the new Austral features leather, Alcantara, padded fabrics and tactile materials. Deep Gloss Black and Satin Chrome details complete the cabin interior. Quality materials increase the perception of quality and warmth in the interior of the car.

The interior lighting can be personalized with multi-sense settings accessible from the button on the steering wheel. The driver can adjust the color and intensity of the lighting via the OpenR display, where there is a slider to help choose from 48 different colors.

With Renault's 'livable cars' approach, the New Austral is designed to make the whole family comfortable. The comfort of the rear section is raised to the highest level with its wide legroom, which stands out in its category. When the row of seats is moved by 16 cm, a larger luggage space is obtained. With the seats back, the luggage volume is 500 dm3 VDA, and the electric tailgate offers ease of use. When the seats are moved forward 16 cm, the luggage volume increases to 575 dm3 VDA. When the rear row of seats is folded, the luggage volume can be increased up to 1.525 dm3 VDA.

There are many practical storage spaces in the interior. The total storage space in the new Austral is approximately 35 liters.

New platform, new performance

The new Renault Austral is the first Renault model to use the next-generation CMF-CD platform. With the new Austral's stiffened body, leaning tendencies have been improved and the chassis has been made lighter and more rigid for market-leading comfort/efficiency/response ratio.

Ambitious engine option in terms of fuel efficiency and emissions

The 12V mild hybrid technology used in the new Austral supports efficiency with an improved Stop & Start and Sailing Stop function. This helps recover energy, especially during braking, and stops the engine when decelerating in the automatic transmission. All this while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. zamIt also supports the comfort of daily use.

The 160 hp 12V mild hybrid engine in the new Austral offers a maximum torque of 1.600 Nm between 3.250 and 270 rpm, and while consuming an average of 6,3 lt/100 km of fuel, it achieves CO142 emissions of 2 g/km.

New Renault Austral

Innovative technologies for greater comfort and safety

Multi-sense helps customize New Austral's in-car experience for a more enjoyable and enhanced driving experience.

Multi-Sense technology; It has three driving modes: Eco, Comfort and Sport. The fourth mode, Perso (Personal), leaves control of every setting to the driver. The new Austral also has a new proactive function that automatically recommends switching to Eco mode to help reduce fuel consumption.

Advanced passive security

The new Austral offers the best level of protection for the driver, passengers and everyone in traffic, with enhanced passive safety equipment. Austral, whose typical safety features have been improved and a center console airbag positioned between the driver and front passenger in the event of a side collision, has been added, is on the roads of Turkey with the 5 stars it received in the Euro NCAP tests.

Intelligent and proactive driving aids

The 20 driver assistance systems offered in the New Renault Austral are divided into three categories: Driving, Parking and Safety.

Active Emergency Brake Support System with pedestrian and bicycle detection function

Advanced Lane Keeping System

Safe Distance Warning System

Blind Spot Warning System

Safe Exit Assistant

Reversing camera and front, rear and side parking sensors

Adaptive LED Pure vision improves driving safety and comfort with functions such as headlights.

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