MAN Trucks Provide Driver Safe Driving Support

MAN Trucks Provide Driver Safe Driving Support
MAN Trucks Provide Driver Safe Driving Support

MAN trucks make a difference with their new technological features. MAN's new “FrontDetection” security system; By detecting pedestrians and cyclists, it neutralizes situations that can be dangerous for even the most vulnerable road users.

With its traffic sign recognition, tire pressure gauge and electronic semi-trailer lashing assist systems, MAN saves drivers from long-term stressful jobs. Together with its axles, it provides fuel savings of up to 2022 percent. In addition, with the MAN PowerMatic transmission, MAN TGL and TGMs start the first movement without wear, making gear changes more efficient.

New generation assistance systems that can detect pedestrians and cyclists make MAN trucks even safer, especially for vulnerable road users. MAN GPS-assisted Cruise Control- cruise control provides even more economical driving with PredictiveDrive. The new MAN PowerMatic automatic transmission with torque converter also makes gear changes more efficient in MAN TGL and TGM and does not allow any wear.

One of the most important problems experienced by truck drivers while driving is the lack of sufficient visibility in blind spots. Especially when delivering in the city, maneuvering in the transport area or in uncertain transition situations or when entering roundabouts; pedestrians or cyclists can cross the hard-to-see area directly in front of the vehicle. The driver may not immediately notice the pedestrian or cyclist crossing this area.

MAN's new “FrontDetection” security system; It detects whether pedestrians or cyclists are in the hard-to-see area directly in front of the vehicle, and warns the driver visually and audibly, in case of starting and at low speeds up to 10 km/h. This innovation; It effectively renders such risky situations in city traffic harmless, especially for the most vulnerable road users. New security function; MAN's third generation Emergency Brake Assist - EBA - has been included in the warning and braking strategy. This system detects other road users who are not in the lane directly in front of the truck but could potentially cross from a speed as low as 10 km/h, warns the driver of a possible collision and automatically applies the emergency brake if necessary.

Along with new developments, MAN has also updated the MAN AttentionGuard attention warning system, which detects dangerous driving and warns the driver visually and audibly. Further developed compared to the previous version, MAN AttentionGuard continuously evaluates the driver's lane keeping stability and steering interventions. In addition, the system; If it detects a decrease in driver attention, it can warn the driver before violating the lane line. Especially in situations where visibility is low and when driving at night, the distance warning system also contributes to safety on long journeys. If the driver falls below the legal minimum distance to the vehicle in front of him, the system immediately warns him. When the distance-controlled cruise control ACC, which independently maintains the correct distance, is not activated, the display of the actual distance to the vehicle ahead in meters also helps to re-determine and maintain the correct distance. Distance warning and ACC thus significantly reduce the risk of rear-end collisions as a preventative measure.

Quick central access to all these help functions developed by MAN; Depending on the equipment, the multifunction is provided by a new button on the steering wheel or in the instrument cluster. Thus, functions such as lane change and turn assistance, MAN long-distance traffic assistant CruiseAssist or pedestrian and cyclist detection FrontDetection can be activated easily without menu deviations. Another contribution of MAN to preventive road safety stands out as the alcohol meter connection front hardware, which measures the alcohol content in the breath and allows the engine to be started only if the driver is able to drive. Thus, an important contribution is made to the prevention of tragic alcohol-related accidents.

More support for drivers who drive every day

In addition to numerous active warning or preventive safety systems, MAN Trucks also offers new systems that significantly relieve the driver in their daily work and thus indirectly contribute more to safety. One of them is the new traffic sign recognition system. the actual traffic and speed regulations applicable to the driving situation. zamThe instant display makes the driver's job easier and helps him to focus completely on the driving task and the traffic without worrying about missing the traffic restrictions he has to comply with.

Another innovation of MAN that makes driving easier is that trailers and semi-trailers equipped with sensors can display tire pressure and temperature data. Correct tire pressure; In addition to reducing consumption and wear, it also reduces the risk of possible tire bursts and fire due to overheating.

MAN also makes reversing safer with its innovations. This innovation is supported by an innovative technology called Reversing Motion System, which is offered as a standard option and via the rear-mounted camera. When reverse gear is engaged, the image from the rear of the vehicle is automatically displayed on the entertainment system screen and the system; any zamIt can also be activated manually with a button on the instrument panel. In this way, the driver's eye is always zamThe moment can be behind the vehicle, on top of what's going on.

Another important system developed for driver safety and comfort is the fifth wheel coupling equipped with sensors. A semi-trailer sensor on the fifth wheel plate, a king pin sensor on the coupling lock, and a locking sensor on the access guard monitor the coupling process; transmits information directly to the driver via the digital display. So the driver can see directly from the cockpit that the fifth wheel is locked correctly. This provides an important comfort and confidence, especially in night conditions.

With the new air suspension control that MAN has developed together with these, MAN simplifies the operations of connecting the semi-trailer to the tractor. This innovation is provided by the ergonomic, wired remote control positioned next to the driver's seat. This innovation, which makes it possible to control the air suspension of the trailer; same zamAt the same time, it also allows the air suspension functions to be used via the multi-function steering wheel and the built-in menu. This reduces the lifting and lowering times of the trailer by up to 50 percent, zamIt provides significant time savings.

Another innovation of MAN is; new voice recognition system with driver card. This innovation, which enables its drivers to easily change their own settings according to different languages; In addition to the two standard languages, German and English, it allows 28 more languages ​​to be downloaded free of charge with MAN Now on the RIO platform. Language Recognition, Language Pack, Idle Shutdown (the system that reduces unnecessary long periods of idling), driving efficiency systems; MAN EfficientRoll with MAN EfficientCruise; driving time monitoring systems; In addition to features such as MAN TimeInfo and MAN TimeControl, driving programs for the MAN TipMatic transmission are also available as retrofits from 2022 models, with the function of remote software download directly to the vehicle.

More performance, efficiency and usage optimization from MAN

In addition to safety updates to support drivers, MAN Truck & Bus takes the competition further with innovations that increase both performance and fuel economy. The new D26 engine consumes noticeably less fuel, while delivering an extra 2022 HP and 10 Nm thanks to significant internal improvements since IAA 50. In addition to the aerodynamic improvements made especially in cabin gap transitions, windshield, side and roof spoilers, the new low friction axle gear oil provides light drive axles and even more proactive MAN EfficientCruise fuel savings of up to 6 percent. With the newly integrated PredictiveDrive function, GPS cruise control is made even more efficient; For predictive driving, it plans the optimum speed curve according to the topography ahead, and for this, it selects the most fuel-efficient engine operating point, taking into account the gear level. Moreover, it does this only after it accelerates to 30 km / h.

In MAN's TGL and TGM series, the new transmission stands out as the most important innovation in the powertrain area. The new MAN PowerMatic enables the MAN TGL and TGM to change gears much more efficiently. Same zamAt the same time, with the torque converter in the automatic transmission, it offers particularly wear-free starting and very high acceleration. This makes the use of this technology even more ideal for applications belonging to institutions such as fire departments as well as urban operations.

The innovation portfolio of innovations currently available for order for the TGX, TGS, TGL and TGM is complemented by a new battery management system that takes into account the increasing requirements of a large number of additional systems that consume electricity during idling and ensures the vehicle's starting ability by shutting down less important systems. Especially at IAA 2022, Meiller further expanded its TRIGENIUS tipper range with new products. Thus, once again, MAN's portfolio of ex-works superstructure solutions for all four truck series has grown significantly and has begun to offer its customers the most ideal new solutions.

Together with the MAN Mobile24 mobility guarantee, the scope of which has been expanded once again, MAN now provides drivers with many of the support they need with MAN ServiceCare, which also offers appointments abroad, roadside assistance support, tire service applications and online detailed status reports. In line with its “Simplifying Business” claim, MAN is making trucks with lions in the radiator grille more driver- and customer-oriented, more efficient and user-friendly, and above all safer, by presenting a special package containing its new innovations to its customers.

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