33% of Chinese Say They Will Buy Electric Vehicles

Percent of Chinese Say They Will Buy Electric Vehicles
33% of Chinese Say They Will Buy Electric Vehicles

In the 2023 report on trends in new vehicle purchases in China, released this week by JD Power, a consumer trends analysis and market research organization, Chinese consumers' willingness to purchase electric vehicles has increased this year, for the sixth consecutive year. The demand in question has increased by 27 percent, after 6 percent last year, to 33 percent this year. The long-term trend towards electric vehicles has indeed become increasingly evident.

According to the research report in question, the intention to buy electric cars will continue to increase until the end of the year; this trend will lead to a further decrease in the market share of fossil fuel vehicles in the country.

The experts of the relevant industry state that the continuous increase in the sales of electric vehicles in China is not independent of the improvement in the quality of the products and the changing habits of the consumers about automobiles.

China's electric vehicle market is currently in a fierce competitive environment. The competition among automakers, which constantly offer more choice to consumers, continues to intensify.

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