Opel Corsa, the Best Selling Car in its Class, Renewed

Opel Corsa, the Best Selling Car in its Class, Renewed
Opel Corsa, the Best Selling Car in its Class, Renewed

Opel's best-selling car in its class in Germany in the last 2 years, the best-selling car in total in the UK in 2021, and the best-selling Opel model in Turkey in the first 2023 months of 4, the Corsa has been renewed.

Opel, the representative of the automotive world combining superior driving pleasure with German quality, is preparing to launch the renewed Opel Corsa on the roads at the end of 2023. Bolder, more exciting, more intuitive and all-electric, the Corsa takes Opel's representation in the B-HB segment to the next level. The new Corsa draws attention with its characteristic Opel Vizör brand face on the front and the Corsa lettering located in the middle at the rear. Innovative technologies make driving easier and support driving pleasure. The new Corsa can be optionally equipped with a fully digital cockpit. This digital cockpit is based on Qualcomm Technologies' Snapdragon Cockpit Platform with intuitive infotainment and up to 10-inch color touchscreen. The dazzling Intelli-Lux LED® Matrix headlights, which Corsa started to offer in the small car segment in 2019, now provide even better and more precise illumination with 14 LED cells. Same as the new Opel Corsa zamAt the same time, it houses new and advanced technologies under the engine hood. The new Corsa Elektrik is now equipped with an advanced battery that is more powerful and provides a range of up to 402 kilometers compared to WLTP. The renewed model also offers a rich range of powertrains, from fully battery-electric to high-efficiency internal combustion engines.

Commenting on the new Corsa, Opel CEO Florian Huettl said:

“The Opel Corsa has been on the bestseller list for over 40 years. While it has been the best selling car in its segment in Germany in the last 2 years, it has succeeded to become the best selling car in total in the UK in 2021. This success allows us to reap the rewards of our efforts and motivates us to do even better going forward. The new Corsa is more modern, more emotional and bolder. We want to show customers what they can expect from a car in this segment today, with its striking design, high-end technologies and new, electric technology.”

With its bold and simple appearance, the New Opel Corsa has very balanced proportions down to the smallest detail. The designers made the best-selling car in its segment much more modern and bold. One of the most striking features of the new Corsa is the Opel Visor, the characteristic brand face that adorns all new Opel models. The Black Visor covers the front of the Corsa, combining the car grille, LED headlights and Opel's central "Lightning" logo into one element.

Opel Corsa, the Best Selling Car in its Class, Renewed

Thanks to numerous new features, the Corsa creates a feel-good and modern atmosphere for the driver in the interior. Apart from the new seat models, a new gear lever and steering wheel also contribute to the design. Another important visual and technical innovation is the optional, fully digital cockpit with the new infotainment system. Qualcomm Technologies' integrated Snapdragon Cockpit Platform features advanced graphics, multimedia, computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) for a more integrated, contextually-aware and continuously adaptable cockpit experience that can evolve to meet passenger needs.

Just like the current Astra generation, the principle of “Maximum Detox” has been implemented in the new Corsa. navigation system; connected services, natural voice recognition “Hey Opel” and wireless updates. In addition, the 10-inch color touchscreen of the navigation and multimedia system and the images on the driver information display are now even clearer. Thus, important information can be seen in a fraction of a second. For the first time, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible smartphones can be charged and connected wirelessly to the vehicle's infotainment system.

Even more precise: Intelli-Lux LED Matrix headlights with 14 LED cells

Since 2019, Corsa has been offering innovations in the small car segment to everyone with its adaptable, glare-proof Intelli-Lux LED® Matrix headlights. Opel engineers are constantly working on improvements. Thanks to a total of 8 LED cells instead of 14 individually controlled, it protects other drivers and passengers on the road from the light beam much more clearly than before, while providing the driver with a stadium-like driving experience.

Opel Corsa, the Best Selling Car in its Class, Renewed

More powerful, more efficient: The new Corsa Electric with its improved battery and new engine

Having already reached 12 electric models, Opel plans to become an all-electric brand in Europe by 2028. The Corsa has so far been the model that pioneered the spread of the battery-electric powertrain in the Opel product range. So it was not surprising that the Corsa-e won the "Golden Steering Wheel Award" in 2020.

New Corsa Electric; It has two electric driving options, with a range of up to 100 km with 136 kW/350 HP according to WLTP and up to 115 km with 156 kW/402 HP according to WLTP. The battery electric motor not only offers a high level of efficiency with its instantaneous torque of 260 Nm, but also zamprovides superior driving pleasure at all times. With the new Corsa Elektrik fast charger, it can be charged from 20 percent to 80 percent in just 30 minutes, thus providing ease of use. Thus, the brand's move to switch to electric continues steadily.