Piaggio's New Models Take Place in Motobike Istanbul 2023

Piaggio's New Models Take Their Place in Motobike Istanbul
Piaggio's New Models Take Place in Motobike Istanbul 2023

Piaggio opened the 2023 motorcycle season with its newest models at Motobike Istanbul. Piaggio, one of Italy's motorcycle brands, opened the new season at Motobike Istanbul 2023 with its wide product range, which distinguishes itself from its competitors with its stylish design and pioneering technology, including electric Piaggio 1, Beverly, Medley and three-wheeled MP3 models.

Italian Piaggio, represented by Doğan Trend Otomotiv in Turkey, exhibited the new generation e-scooter Piaggio 1, 3-wheel scooter MP3, Beverly, which is famous for its driving comfort, and Medley with its sporty spirit.

The Piaggio 1 model, which is driven by an electric motor integrated in the rear wheel, once again proves that it is at the center of developing smart solutions for urban transportation, breaking new ground in the e-scooter class. Combining the agility and practicality required for urban transportation, as well as the quality and reliability typical of Piaggio, Piaggio 1 attracts attention as an extremely modern e-scooter.


The standard time required for a full charge is 220 hours with 6 Volt energy. Piaggio 1 draws attention with its 5,5-inch digital color LCD screen, practical removable battery, light and robust structure, 3 different versions and large under-seat capacity. 1 and 1+ versions use an electric motor producing 1,2 kW, while in the 1 Active version a 2 kW electromotor is activated. While the electric motors offer a performance above conventional 50 cc scooters, they can be used with a Class B license just like 50cc scooters. Piaggio 1 meets its fans with a price of 99 thousand 900 TL.

The world's first 3-wheel scooter model Piaggio MP3 continues to combine Italian design with innovative technologies and performance. MP3 400 Sport and MP3 530 Exclusive versions are sold with prices starting from 299 thousand 900 TL. Piaggio MP3 options provide a perfect experience both in the city and on long winding roads with the unmatched comfort and safety provided by the front double wheels.

BLIS (Blind Spot Warning System), developed by Piaggio's technology department, is standard on the MP3 530 Exclusive. With its advanced radar, Piaggio MP3 530 Exclusive constantly monitors the traffic and warns the driver in blind spots. This model also has a rear camera for reversing and parking, and a sophisticated GPS system for smartphones.


The legend of Piaggio Beverly, which brings city traffic and rough roads to its knees with its big wheels and unique driving position, welcomes the 400 season with its 400 and 2023 S versions. With a starting price of 229 thousand 900 TL, the Beverly 400 is not only a stylish city scooter, but also a great companion when you want to get away from the city with its advanced safety features, performance and driving characteristics. Beverly's large underseat storage compartment has enough room for two helmets. Adjustments that can be made for a more comfortable driving position make it an ideal companion for weekend getaways.


The sporty spirited scooter of technology enthusiasts, Piaggio Medley, is offered for sale in 150 ABS and S 150 ABS versions. Medley, which is sold with prices starting from 121 thousand 900 TL, offers a Bosch dual-channel ABS braking system and traction control system, as well as its agile and agile structure. RISS (Regulator Inverter Start-Stop System), which automatically shuts off the engine if it is inactive for 1 to 5 seconds in traffic, provides fuel consumption advantage thanks to the start-stop. Thanks to the standard Piaggio MIA, Companion Lighting, Motorcycle Position Finder and Seat Release functions can be controlled.

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