Ferrari Will Bring Formula 1 Cars To The World Championship Race Tracks With IVECO S-Way


Two IVECO S-Way trucks are joining the Scuderia Ferrari vehicle fleet. Two S-Way tractors, prepared in a special color tone unique to Formula 1 team cars, will be used to transport the cars and equipment of the Formula 1 team to the world championship racetracks.

IVECO, Official Partner of Scuderia Ferrari and Official Sponsor of Ferrari Challenge Europe, delivered two IVECO S-Way tractors to Scuderia Ferrari at a ceremony held at the iconic Ferrari track in Fiorano.


Luca Sra, Head of Truck Business Unit of Iveco Group, spoke at the delivery ceremony attended by Scuderia Ferrari Racing Director and Track Area Head Laurent Mekies.expressed his feelings about cooperation with the following words:: “We are proud that our brand is collaborating with the world famous sports legend. We would like to thank Ferrari for entrusting the logistics and transportation of its most important values ​​to our high-performance and reliable vehicles during our 20-year cooperation. We, as IVECO, have similar values, goals, the passion and competitive spirit required to show high performance. Just like Scuderia Ferrari, we strive for excellence. We are working to increase our performance to higher levels, zamWe aim for the summit at the moment and we continue our activities with this passion.”

Two IVECO S-Way tractors, prepared in a special color tone unique to Formula 1 team cars, will be used to transport Formula 1 vehicles and equipment to the world championship racetracks. With these two tractors, Scuderia Ferrari has further expanded its IVECO S-Way fleet.

S-WAY's features are endless


IVECO S-Ways are heavy-duty trucks designed with driver, sustainability and advanced new technologies. Offering a complete and full service package focusing on customized services, S-Way is a transport solution that makes the time spent in the vehicle comfortable for the driver. IVECO S-Way stands out with its new engine series, advanced technologies, outstanding aerodynamic performance, innovative and personalized services and reveals its claim. Taking fuel efficiency to a new level, S-Way breaks new ground in fleet management and in-vehicle life. S-Ways, which optimize the running time and fuel efficiency of the vehicle and facilitate the work of logistics operators, have systems that support fleet managers 100%.

The IVECO S-Way tractors supplied to Scuderia Ferrari are the tractors that fit perfectly into the Maranello team's trailer. The vehicles are equipped with a 570 hp Cursor 13 engine, 12-speed HI-TRONIX automatic transmission and fully automatic suspensions, satellite navigation, an advanced infotainment system, IVECO Driver Pal and 4G junction box.