Rent Go Becomes the First Turkish Car Rental Company to Join ITB Berlin

Rent Go Became the First Turkish Car Rental Company to Participate in ITB Berlin
Rent Go Becomes the First Turkish Car Rental Company to Join ITB Berlin

The ITB Berlin fair, which has the title of being the “World's Leading Travel Fair”, was held at the Messe Berlin Exhibition Center between 7-9 March 2023 with approximately 161 exhibitors from 5.500 countries. Rent Go, Turkey's XNUMX% domestic capital car rental brand, broke new ground as the first Turkish Car Rental Company to attend the ITB Berlin fair.

Many prestigious hotels and tourism companies from Turkey took part in the ITB Berlin Fair together with Rent Go.

While Rent Go hosted industry professionals from many different geographies, especially European countries, at its booth, it had the opportunity to reinforce its already ongoing good cooperation with the world's leading digital travel companies such as, with contacts that will add value to the country's tourism.

According to the statement made by ITB Berlin, it was stated that a total of 3 thousand 180 professionals from more than 90 countries visited the fair in 127 days, while international participation increased by 2019 percent compared to 50, when the last physical fair was held. In terms of the total number of participants, this ratio reached 70 percent. These figures support the expectation that sectoral trade will have a positive trend around the world. According to the exhibitors, 2023 will be a record year in terms of business potential.

Rent Go General Manager Köksal Öztürk, Rent Go Sales Manager Bülent Yüksel, Rent Go Marmara Regional Manager Semih Güneş, TZX Travel General Manager at the fair where Rent Go Chairman of the Board of Directors Erol Tuna and Rent Go Vice Chairman of the Board Mehmet Can Tuna also hosted their guests. Mehmet Ali Tuna and TZX Travel Business Development Director Kazım Yönden held meetings with the visitors.

Rent Go General Manager Köksal Öztürk, who made evaluations after the ITB Berlin fair, stated that they are very happy to be the first Turkish Car Rental Company to participate in the ITB Berlin fair, as a brand born in Turkey.

Expressing that the business potential provided by the fair is extremely valuable for the tourism sector, Öztürk emphasized that car rental services, which are an integral part of the sector, play an important role in the holiday experiences of foreign tourists. Rent Go General Manager Köksal Öztürk said that they have demonstrated the level they have reached in customer satisfaction with market research and the awards they have been awarded, based on this fact, “ITB Berlin fair was the scene of an environment where the heart of tourism beats. With the preparations we made before the fair, we aimed to achieve the highest level of efficiency from the organization and to realize collaborations. At the end of three days, I can say that we have achieved this goal. The position we have reached in the country encourages us to take our success beyond the borders.”

100% customer satisfaction target with 100% domestic capital

Focusing on a seamless and accessible customer experience at any time with its new office investments and processes that are constantly improved with data from the field, Rent Go has recently received three awards at the Istanbul Marketing Awards as a reflection of its activities in this direction. Rent Go, which won the award in the categories of E-Commerce Oriented Communication, Renewed Website and Online Sales Experience, reached a customer satisfaction rate of 98 percent in the research conducted last year. Rent Go, which has managed to make a difference among international companies as a company with 100 percent domestic capital, has made its name beyond the borders by serving its customers from 123 countries so far.

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