Fuel Tanks

Fuel Tanks
Fuel Tanks

Vehicle engines need appropriate fuel in order to operate and perform the required function. Fuel tanks the vehicle element, known as the fuel tank or the fuel tank, is an indispensable part in every vehicle. There are different fuel tanks depending on the brand, model and design of the vehicles. Fuel tanks are divided into different models according to the material from which they are produced. However, there are different sizes and volumes of fuel tanks.

Turkey's pride SMTR Grouphas become a world brand in fuel tank production. It is a world brand with 55 years of production experience, active use of products in 6 continents, the opportunity to work directly with truck and truck manufacturers, especially in Germany, and much more.

truck depot To produce requires a wide experience from the production process to quality control, from international markets to local markets. Know-how about the sector and products is not formed in a short time. It takes many years for this knowledge to be formed organically and to be reflected in the corporate culture. SMTR Group has become a world brand by combining its knowledge and corporate culture. Working directly with important vehicle manufacturers that everyone knows closely is one of the most important indicators of the progressed distance.

Fuel Tank and Features

fuel tanksConsidering the production process, it is seen as a simple set of operations. However, it is a production that requires expertise and is subject to many important and strict quality control processes. Otherwise, it would not be possible to work directly with world brands such as Mercedes Benz, Man, Ford Otosan, Volvo and Land Rover. The fuel tank must meet the desired specifications and be suitable for environmental conditions. Therefore, different types of fuel tanks are used in different parts of the world.

SMTR Group exports its fuel tanks to 6 continents. Producing a product used all over the world is not an easy achievement. Each country has its own unique designs, expectations, environmental conditions and market conditions. Although it is not easy to learn, assimilate and produce products that meet expectations, it takes a long time. zamIt is a time-consuming process. Considering the market share, certificates, references, sales figures and export numbers that SMTR Group has, it is seen that it is a world brand and even a world leader in its field.

Fuel tank basically provides a healthy storage of the fuel. In addition, it ensures that the fuel is taken from the tank and reaches the engine through the pump connected to the tank. Fuel tanks are produced from different materials and in different sizes in accordance with the desired specifications and features. SMTR Group has a wide range of products. This makes it possible for the company to sell to the whole world.

What Does a Fuel Tank Do?

Each fuel tank has different characteristics. While there are differences in size and volume, material and design, some basic features should be found in all of them. The features that fuel tanks should have similarly are listed as follows;

  • Tank filling system: Vehicles need to replace the fuel they have used so that the energy needed by the engine continues to be provided. A tank filling system is used for this. Thanks to this system, which is connected to the tank, a safe fuel supply is provided.
  • Safe storage of fuel: Fuels are classified as dangerous goods. In this respect, it must be kept securely. In particular, it needs to be protected from problems such as leakage. SMTR Group is based on the zero defect approach with its robotic welding technology. This reduces the risk of leakage to zero. Thanks to its quality materials and production equipment, it has become one of the few fuel tank manufacturers in the world.
  • Level measurement systems: These are the systems used to notify the driver of the fuel in the fuel tank. By measuring the level and notifying the driver, the driver can plan the refueling by taking the precaution without consuming fuel.
  • Ventilation process: It may be necessary to evacuate with the activation of the safety valve, especially if some fuels reach high pressure. In such cases, safety valves specified as the ventilation system are used.
  • Feeding system: Feeding systems are needed in order for the fuel in the tank to reach the engine and thus generate the required energy. The supply system is known as a pump pumping the fuel in the tank to the engine.

The above features are shown as common features in fuel tanks truck depots both the material of the fuel tanks and how they are produced are important in the trouble-free storage of the fuels in them. In particular, welding labor is of great importance. Thanks to the R&D investments made by SMTR Group, robots based on automation are used in welding processes. In this way, the possibility of human error is minimized.

For Which Brands Does SMTR Group Produce Fuel Tanks?

SMTR Group is a world brand with its 55 years of experience and active use of its products in 6 continents. It works directly with manufacturers in all countries where the automotive industry is involved, especially in Germany. truck depot SMTR Group, which plays for the world leadership in production, is one of the companies that provides the biggest support to Turkey's export targets.

The high quality and reliable truck depots it produces are used in the vehicles of the following brands. The company, which has a partnership list beyond the reference list below, is running for world leadership not only in the fuel tank product group, but also in products such as oil tanks, LNG tanks and trailer chests.

  • Mercedes Benz
  • Ford Otosan
  • Male
  • Volvo
  • Scania
  • BMC
  • Dacia
  • Isuzu Truck
  • DAF
  • Karsan
  • Land Rover
  • Otokar
  • Fnss

A World Brand in Fuel Tank Production

SMTR Group displays the appearance of a company that has goals and is open to development. It has become a world brand among the products it has introduced so far. In the coming years, the company is expected to increase its capacity in existing products and it is aimed to respond to new demands.

It has raised its quality standards to a very high level, especially thanks to the state-of-the-art robotic equipment it has created on its production lines. SMTR Group, which has reached a level that sets the standards in its sector, works directly with the automotive giants of Germany. While providing competitive and high quality products to the domestic market, it also supports the country's economy with the products it exports. SMTR Group, in the light of the new investments it has made, is trying to increase its export targets and make the maximum contribution to Turkey's export targets.

SMTR Group exports to the whole world with its 30.000 m² production area.


Contact: 0216 540 60 30

Email: info@smtrgroup.com

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